National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) is a non-profit network

(speaking out with leading clergy on behalf of)

14 million U.S. gun victims, survivors, and (concerned citizens) Our approach is strategic and utilizes economic levers, novel legal strategies and the involvement of corporations to pursue sane gun laws.
NGVAC was founded by Elliot Fineman after his only son, Michael,was fatally shot in 2006 by a mentally ill man who, despite having been institutionalized twice, (off his meds and clearly gravely mentally ill) was legally able to buy the weapon that killed his son.
NGVAC is known for originating the action against Starbucks (which ignited action throughout the country by other advocacy groups ultimately resulting in Starbucks new policy of banning guns in all their retail shops)
After the tragedy in Newtown, NGVAC facilitated the formation of the Newtown Victims & Clergy for Corporate Responsibility(NVCCR). Working together, they created Operation Sideline, a concerted effort to get corporations to take a stand against gun violence.
Deeply concerned about the danger to public safety posed by open and concealed carriers, NGVAC asked the premier legal firm, Mayer Brown, what liabilities property owners’ might face from an intentional or accidental gun incident if they allow guns on their property. Their memorandum concluded that property owners could face massive financial (loses if an incident occurred whilst there was no sign indicting that guns were prohibited on the property. Based on this opinion, NGVAC is (beginning to convince liability insurers to advice their clients of the risk they run by neglecting to post such signage.)
NGVAC commissioned a groundbreaking study to (discover) if carrying a gun in public (actually) provided self-defense (during live simulated drills.) The independent study with volunteer carriers was conducted by professors of criminology and sociology at the Prince George’s County Police Department’s training facility.
The study proved that carrying a gun does not provide self-defense unless the carrier is trained, attains and maintains a high skill level. (The Prince George study) provides major implications for public policy. A new study is planned for 2016 to determine if an armed audience is subject to more—or less— casualties then an unarmed audience (in active shooter scenarios)
(NGVAC) recently initiated a petition calling for President Obama to declare a National State of Emergency regarding the Gun Violence Epidemic as the fastest way to gain control of the gun violence epidemic in America. This resulted in President Obama enacting several significant executive orders. NGVAC continues to advocate for the declaration of a state of emergency by the president.
National Gun Victims Action Council continues to forthrightly pursue aggressive strategies to force sane gun laws in the United States.


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