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Arizona House Passes Bill Allowing Guns on College Campuses

It is striking for example that Arizona’s response to the tragic Tucson massacre has been to pass a bill in the House (likely to pass in the Senate and be signed by the Governor) to allow guns on college campuses. This is something that no one thinking clearly could possibly endorse and over 80% of the people on campuses (one of the safest places in America) overwhelmingly oppose. . The people who are not on campus in their zeal to sell more guns and to further their misguided (and disproven) idea that carrying a gun makes one safer has caused passage of this bill. This is a result of the NRA and gun lobby in Arizona. The fact is that no one carrying a gun, concealed or open, can realistically defend themselves against an attacker because, as the President Regan shooting showed, and as numerous incidents where armed police are murdered show, the element of surprise always trumps the gun carrier ‘s chance of defending themselves.

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To oppose and defeat such irresponsible — and dangerous—legislation, we need to add the economic lever that our coalition of 14 million gun victims, survivors families, friends and many of the 100 million Americans that want sane gun laws can effect. We can and will do it.

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