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Our Response to the Flash Mob and Carrying Guns to the Public

Dear Editor:

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The recent Michigan Ave flash mob attacks have prompted Richard Pearson and the Illinois State Rifle Association to again mistakenly claim that allowing the carrying of concealed loaded handguns in public would have prevented these attacks. Clearly the facts don”t get in the way of their all-out effort for their fanatic desire for passage of bad public policy. The victims of these vicious attacks all  said the same thing-it happened before they could react. That means they or any bystanders wouldn”t have stopped the attacks by having a concealed hand gun!! Further had they had a gun, it would have been taken by the flash mob and likely used to shoot the victim and others. Maybe one day Pearson, and his extremist constituency will realize that the element of surprise will always trump the gun carries gun and that self defense is not provided by a gun being carried in public.

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