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The biggest gun monster of all, Wayne LaPierre

This is a must view for anyone who understands that lunatics have taken over the asylum. O’Donnell should get a broadcast award for this stunning expose of the biggest gun monster of all, Wayne LaPierre, a man who has so much blood on his hands that even Dante could not find a place in hell for him. He is evil incarnate.

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Elliot Fineman Speaks about Newtown on Network 9 Australia’s “Weekend Today.”

Two days after the Sandy Hook massacre NVGAC’s Elliot Fineman appeared on Network 9 Australia’s “Weekend Today.”  He was joined by Gun Control Expert Andrew Leigh to discuss the need for stricter and sane gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, as well as the fantasy that more guns for self defense is the answer to prevent further disasters. The two discuss what strategies are truly needed to make America as safe as other developed countries. Watch the full interview for more.

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