Corporate Hypocrite of the Month

Every major US corporation bans guns from its headquarters and board rooms–because of their obvious dangers. Yet only a handful of corporations ban guns from their outlets, offices and stores. That means they expose their customers and employees to the risks they know exist. Many corporations plead that they are simply following “local laws” but that is a cop-out. Local laws also allow a business or property owner to ban guns. Those who allow them are making a conscious, deliberate choice to do so.
This month, NGVAC debuts the Corporate Hypocrite of the Month, a new feature to underscore the cowardice and dishonesty of corporate America by making an example of one individual company every month. What we want is to get corporations OFF the SIDELINES and involved in the fight to halt the gun violence epidemic. Corporate action results in quick national change from marriage equality to stopping domestic violence within the NFL. The same will happen with guns.
Every month, we will select a Corporate Hypocrite of the Month who has been singled out for their dangerous gun policies. Included with each Corporate Hypocrite of the Month will be a short history of their said gun policies contrasted with their own published values and reported gun incidents that have occurred on their property.
We have included in the links below, the address for Board Members and CEOs for the selected companies. So that way you can contact the direct decision makers for the Corporate Hypocrite of the Month.
If you care about stopping the gun violence epidemic, write the officials at the selected company each month letting them know that you will boycott their business until they have the courage and respect for the public to ban guns.
While “snail mail” letters require more effort to write, they are far more effective for exactly that reason. They are read. Companies care what their customers think! Company officials listen to customer feedback–especially real letters, not just social media comments. Contact information for officials and sample letters found below. Let’s Do This!

Click the links below for contact info for each company