Gun Fact #6 Gun Owner Arguments Fail the Logic Test

Like mentally incapacitated people, gun owners are unable to respond logically. Gun Fact # 5: in our series pointed out that non-gun owners are taxed $5 billion per year to cover the cost of U.S. gun homicides. Logically this makes no sense—not one cent of gun violence costs should be paid for by non-gun owners—clearly gun owners should pay 100% of these costs by carrying insurance and by a tax on gun and bullet purchases.
Of the many comments posted or sent to us, not a single gun owner was capable of making a logical response to Gun Fact # 5. Following is a sample of typical comments.
Because we had raised a gun issue we were automatically identified as “gun grabbers,” “gun haters” and our position as “absolute BS.” Further, said some, the non-gun owners are “more responsible” for the gun homicides in America than the gun owners. All of these comments were assertions devoid of any supporting facts.
Some commented that people who do not drive are taxed for roads. This is true. However, people who do not drive use roads as passengers in cars and busses and purchase goods carried by trucks to their neighborhoods. There is a public value (utility) to roads and it is appropriate that non-drivers share in their cost. Non-gun owners use nothing that guns provide to gun owners. There is no public value provided by gun owners (or guns). In fact just the opposite is true; guns create a tremendous risk to public health.
Some commented that you cannot stop criminals from getting guns ignoring the reality that every law that would make it harder for criminals and gang bangers to get guns is opposed and defeated by the NRA and gun owners.* This causes far higher rates of gun violence—and consequently far higher tax payer costs.
*These include laws that would:

  • Close the gun show loophole.
  • Require background checks on all gun sales— including the internet
  • Limit purchases to one gun per month.
  • Require registration of guns and gun owners (like cars).
  • Require federally licensed firearm dealers to:
    • Report lost inventory
    • Stop selling to straw purchasers
  • Impose serious punishment to federally licensed firearm dealers for violations including:
    • Significant jail time.
    • Huge monetary fines.
    • Not being able to sell their existing federal firearm license to anyone.
    • Confiscation of their entire inventory.

Why can’t these sane gun laws be passed?
The criminal market represents 25% of annual gun industry. This emerged from the 1999 NAACP law suit vs. the gun industry. The NAACP’s expert witness report showed that 25% of the gun industry’s annual sales went to the criminal market. Knowledgeable ATF employees have confirmed this figure as well (some say it is closer to 30%).
The last thing the NRA wants is any law that would harm sales to the criminal market. (They then say, everyone needs to be carrying a gun at all times because criminals have guns.) The NRA’s Pro Gun Agenda—which gun owners’ support—will not let any such laws pass.
One gun owner said at “We advocate protection from the police (this was never mentioned by us in Gun Fact 5) who spend more on guns than anyone else in the country.” This is not true (the military spends the most). However the point has nothing to do with the question of who should be paying for the cost of gun violence. It is a typical example of the Alzheimer’s mind of gun owners; they are unable to logically respond.
As long as gun owners are unable to respond logically there can be no rational discussion of Who should pay for the cost of gun violence.
The gun owners want the pleasure of owning their guns but do not want the responsibility of covering the cost of gun violence. Non-gun powers should no longer pay for the cost of gun violence. Over the last 20 years, $100 billion tax dollars have been used to pay for the cost of gun homicides. It is high time for this cost to be fully borne by gun owners.

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