Gun Fact #8 Common NRA claims and the actual facts

Money Instead of SafetyDespite its claims and appeals to patriotism, the NRA’s primary function is to maximize sales for the gun industry—without regard for public safety.
Weaker Guns Laws Mean More MoneyWhereas tightened gun laws reduce gun sales, weakened gun laws improve gun sales which explains the NRA-backed efforts in the last decade to legalize “concealed carry” and guns in more public places. This means more money for gun manufacturers at the expense of your safety.  Below are common claims the NRA uses to get these money-making laws passed.
SELF DEFENSEThe NRA and gun owners claim they need to carry guns at all times for self defense. But the element of surprise makes it virtually impossible for them to defend themselves–criminal do not yell “draw” like in the movies. The element of surprise is the reason 40% of armed policemen who are killed by guns. Studies also show that carrying a gun makes someone 4.5 times more likely to be shot during an assault.
ONLY CRIMINALS WILL HAVE GUNSThe NRA claims that if we pass sane gun laws only criminals will have guns because they do not follow laws.  But in England, where no one can legally own a handgun or assault rifle so only criminals have them, there are approximately 75 gun homicides per year! Adjusting for population, if we had England’s gun laws—and only “criminals” had guns—we would expect 375 homicides per year. But the U.S. has 12,000 gun homicides a year courtesy of “law abiding citizens” who have handguns and assault rifles in addition to the criminals.
SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTThe NRA claims gun owner’s Second Amendment right to own guns makes it unconstitutional to pass any laws that regulate that right. This is clearly false.
We have a constitutional right to vote, but to exercise that right we are required to register.  Regulation does not infringe on our constitutional right to vote.  Unregulated gun ownership does infringe on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
PLENTY OF LAWS EXIST ALREADY—JUST ENFORCE THEMThe loopholes in our current gun laws make guns available to the mentally disabled, felons, and drug users. Prohibited from buying guns in stores, they can purchase them at gun shows or through online private sales where background checks are not required–and they do. Suspected terrorists on the terrorist watch list can also legally buy guns. These loopholes mean there are no laws to enforce and any law that would make it harder for criminals to buy guns is blocked by the NRA to protect sales to the criminal market which, according to published reports, accounts for 25% of annual gun sales. And there are other major gun laws that do not exist and therefore cannot be enforced–unlike cars, guns are not registered, gun owners are not licensed, and guns do not carry insurance!



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