Starbucks Promotes Pro-gun Agenda

Starbucks will be the first economic target for National Gun Victims Action Council because they aggressively support the NRA’s Pro-Gun Agenda.
Starbucks allows people to open carry guns in their stores in the states that allow open carry despite the fact they have the legal right to ban guns from their stores—just like their legal right to require customers to wear clothes. They refuse to do so.

Members of the open carry movement began meeting in popular restaurants and coffee shops throughout California in 2010 to display their openly carried handguns. The goal of this national movement is to normalize the carrying of guns in public places.

The Brady Campaign presented a petition to Starbucks with 33,000 signatures requesting they ban guns from their premises.  NGAC’s founder made the same request to the Starbucks Board. Unlike California Pizza Kitchen, Peets, IKEA and Disney (to name a few), they refused to do so.

Starbucks’ pro-gun policy on open carry makes it an active supporter of the gun lobby’s agenda to put more guns in more places in American life—and it must stop.

Starbucks thinks bringing these guns into their stores is OK. (Click the thumbnails for a larger image.)

  • Starbucks embrace of open carry has emboldened the movement to push forward.
  • Open carry members cite Starbucks acceptance of open carry as proof of the reasonableness of open carry.
  • With about 11,000 stores in the US, Starbucks serves millions of Americans daily. They allow a tiny, dangerous minority to endanger the safety of the overwhelming majority who do not want guns in Starbucks.
  • Among the handguns Starbucks approves in its stores is the Glock 19 used by Jared Loughner in the Tucson massacre (killed six, wounded 14 in less than a minute—see thumbnails).
  • As a major player in corporate America, Starbucks could be a leader in promoting gun safety—it chooses not to be—Starbucks chooses to support the NRA’s Pro-Gun Agenda.

Please share the story of Starbucks’ support of the NRA’s pro-gun agenda with your friends and family members today.

You can help persuade Starbucks to abandon a policy that puts it on the side of those who seek to put more handguns into more places in American life and help persuade Starbucks to become a leading advocate for sane gun laws.

Stay updated on Gun Victims Action’s plan to launch the national boycott of Starbucks by gun victims, survivors, their friends, family members, faith groups and all who want sane gun laws.

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