Just because you repeat something over and over doesn’t make it true. While the NRA, its state level groups and the media claim that Americans won’t support common sense restrictions that would reduce gun violence, surveys show they’re wrong.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, 90 percent of Americans want sane gun regulation. A 2011 survey from American Viewpoint and Momentum Analysis and reported by Mayors Against Illegal Guns also shows the majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws.

There is another misleading fact that is repeated incessantly: that Americans are buying more guns. While 2013 was indeed a good year for gun manufacturers because of deliberately whipped up fears of new gun restrictions after the Newtown massacre, the buyers were in households that already had guns! Both CNN and the New York Times report that the number of households with guns is steadily declining!

“The rate has dropped in cities large and small, in suburbs and rural areas and in all regions of the country. It has fallen among households with children, and among those without. It has declined for households that say they are very happy, and for those that say they are not. It is down among churchgoers and those who never sit in pews,” writes the Times.

No–guns are not more popular than ever. They are popular with a minority of fringe gun advocates who disproportionately have lawmakers’ ears because of their bully tactics and single-issue message. Increasingly, households recognize that a gun in the house is 12 times more likely to cause suicide, homicide and cases of mistaken identity than stop an intruder.


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