A Time for Mourning… Or A Time To Promote An Absurd Pro-Gun Fanatic Position?

Paris, France
by Elliot Fineman
CEO National Gun Victims Action Council

November 16, 2015
I was not going to write anything about guns in this week’s update. My only comment was going to offer my complete and heartfelt sympathy to the French people who lost loved ones in the unthinkable Friday evening massacre and to express my deep anguish about the lives cut short by the madness of ideological fanatics.

I lost my son to gun violence on December 30, 2006 and know full well that the survivors will never again know inner peace and that there is a void that can never be filled – – nor should it be – – as it is a measure of the love held for a presence so suddenly and permanently taken away. I ache for all of them.
But among us are depraved, unfeeling, cold blooded opportunists who cannot wait to pounce on the horror in France to promote their absurdity that “if only the people in the theater had been armed things would have been different.” I specifically cite Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich who could not wait the three days of mourning that President Hollande of France had set aside to blurt out their idiotic comments.
Why is their point idiotic? Consider an auditorium with 1,000 people carrying guns and when the shooting by the terrorists started they all pulled out their guns to deal with the situation.
How would they know who to shoot? How would they know who had a gun out that was not part of the attack but was part of the audience under attack? Being untrained, fearful, adrenaline in overload virtually none of them could shoot straight even if they knew who they were shooting at. What would have happened is that instead of 129 being killed in the concert hall closer to 1,000 would’ve been killed?
One would’ve hoped that these three morons would have sometime in their lives consulted with military and police leaders to get their informed comments about what an untrained audience under attack, with guns shooting at possible targets would lead to.
But unable to contain their stupidity and wanting to get their remarks out as quickly as possible to advance a political agenda they could not hold their words. They are sickening beyond words and what’s more a million or so pro-gun fanatics actually believe this absurdity. These are ideological fanatics who have threatened to wage a civil war if anything is done to regulate their guns. Do they remind you of any other group?
I will publish the piece I had scheduled to write later in the week, it deals with machine guns and background checks. What might they have in common?
I close by sharing that I went to a French bakery this afternoon and bought some French pastries which I intend to have now as I look to the east and send my deepest sympathies towards France.

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