Best Argument for Gun Regulation–Angry, Mentally Ill Gun Advocates

Best Argument for Gun Regulation: Angry, Mentally Ill Gun Advocates


There are many mentally ill people out there with delusional fantasies. Unfortunately some of them are gun advocates. Evelyn Johnson of Hurst, Texas provides this month’s best argument for gun regulation. She wrote this message on the National Gun Victims Action Council facebook page on Christmas Eve.

“youer all dam commie idiots moved to europe if u dont like it here go to hell ur not getting our guns !!! whisleblower tells real reason for gun control obama has made promise to China to give them our land an resources, China wants our guns so we will not raise up against what obama is doing to pay them for the f–g debt they caused u idiots!!!!!!!! wake up u have caused ebough sh-t on lies already”

Angry, delusion and armed? The best argument for gun regulation!

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