Adding A Strategy To Get Sane Gun Laws Now
“We Have An Unbeatable Hand—You Are The Player”

BACKGROUND: Polls consistently show there are 100 million Americans that want sane gun laws. They all do one thing in common—they spend money. By focusing their buying power, we can force the legislators to do the right thing instead of asking, presenting all the rational reasons and having, in most cases, virtually no chance to succeed. Polls also consistently show that of the 4 million NRA members, over 75% want sane gun laws. That means there are at most 1 million extremists that do not want any gun laws along with a corrupt NRA leadership.

The outcome is clear; 100 million vs. 1 million is no contest. It is a paradigm shift. Instead of our side only pursuing a strategy of asking legislators to do the right thing, we are adding a strategy of telling legislators to do the right thing and if they do not, then compelling them with an economic lever.

While there are many efforts being exerted by so many to affect sane gun laws, they all come down to asking the politicians to do the right thing. This is essential; the politicians need to know what our side wants. Unfortunately, by itself, this has proven to be a non-winning strategy. In the 19 years since the Brady Background Check law was passed in 1993, despite Columbine, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, Tucson, Aurora, The Sikh Temple, and now Newtown, not one law has been passed at the Federal level to reduce gun violence. We cannot even get a law passed banning the sale of cop killer bullets (bullets that pierce a police officer’s protective vest. While there have been some victories in a few states, there have been enormous losses in the majority of the States (e.g., guns in bars, churches, the work place, supermarkets—almost everywhere). We cannot reverse this without adding a new strategy.

We are collaborating with the Episcopal Peace Fellowship and the Fellowship of Reconciliation (over 60 peace fellowships of virtually every religion) and are adding a new strategy to the mix, an economic lever—“Tell and Compel” It cannot be defeated and everybody can easily participate NOW.

Everyone who has heard about Tell and Compel has had their spirits lifted, their energy renewed; they feel personally empowered., they realize they are part of the power to effect the change. We will be identifying targets (states, companies) where our economic lever will be used., e.g., a State, a Company. Doubt this is real? We have done this before with drunk-driving, civil rights, gay rights, labor rights and animal rights. To participate—Read the Tell and Compel Pledge below, and Sign NOW.


I pledge to join forces with the 100 million people in the US who want sane gun laws, including the 14 million who have had direct contact with gun violence, by using my buying power to veto gun-friendly corporations, services, lawmakers and states. The block-buying power of millions of Americans who are both outraged and threatened by the insanity of our current gun laws can and will offset the inertia of politicians who are beholden to the gun lobby. I want to be part of this and pledge to withhold my financial support from corporations, groups, states, who are identified by the coalition as serving the gun extremist minority and not the American people.

Our goal is to save lives by enacting gun regulation that allows legal gun owners their Second Amendment rights and non-gun owners their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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