Tallahassee Murder is Third Arson/Shooting of Officers This Year

Curtis Wade Holley, who police identify as the arsonist/murderer who took the life of Leon County Sheriff deputy Chris Smith this week in Florida, was known to police. He was in the system for issuing previous threats and being “antigovernment.”


Was Holley a legal gun owner whose weapons were not scrutinized as he became dangerous? Did he buy his murder weapons from a legal gun dealer after his threats became known–thanks to huge holes in the NICS background check system? Did Holley buy his weapons in the many background check-free sales ops the NRA defends? Hey, shady people have gun rights!


However Holley procured his weapon, we have the NRA to thank for the death of another law enforcement officer. The NRA blocks a registry, universal background checks, mandatory reporting of lost guns, bans on high capacity magazines, retention of owner data beyond 24 hours, illegal trafficking legislation and more. The NRA even works to restore the “gun rights” of convicted felons, people under orders of protection and people with severe mental illness. Sales are $ales.

William Spengler Identified As Webster Firefighter Shooter; Kill

Who remembers William Spengler? Last Christmas Eve, Spengler, a felon convicted of killing his own grandmother, set a fire to entice fire fighters to his location in Webster, NY and shot and killed two fire fighters. Spengler bought his weapon at Gander Mountain, according to published reports, picking out an AK 15 while a straw buyer stood by.


Police Shoot, Kill Kurt Myers, Ending Standoff in Herkimer, NewWeeks later in March, Kurt Myers set his home ablaze and fatally shot a correctional officer, a retired correctional officer and two others in Herkimer County, NY. Like Spengler, he was widely known to be unbalanced and dangerous.


Four months later, Pedro Vargas started a fire in his Miami area apartment and shot and killed the building manager and his wife when they came to investigate. For eight hours Vargas terrorized his five-story apartment complex and killed four more people. He was also well known in his community as unbalanced and angry.

It is ironic that Vargas’s rampage, the murder of deputy Chris Smith and Myron May’s library rampage all happened in Florida which has led the nation in stand your ground and other gun proliferation laws. Law enforcement officers have disproportionately been killed by guns in Florida and in 2007 three major Florida law-enforcement groups and a coalition of police, prosecutors, politicians and parents of children slain by firearms called for tightening of eligibility rules for concealed weapon licenses. Since then, cop wannabes George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn have further earned the state its “Gunshine state” nickname.

Why do lawmakers enable “guns-everywhere” legislation that kills their own law enforcement officers and fire fighters? How could the threat of “government tyranny” be worth arming government-hating murderers like Spengler, Myers and Holley?


Join our action to tell corporate America to get off the “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including the “can’t miss” sniper rifle sold to civilians. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.

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