There is One– And Only One– Path To Halting The Gun Violence Epidemic– Obama Must Declare A National State of Emergency

by Elliot Fineman
CEO National Gun Victims Action Council
December 4, 2015


As the horrific mass murders continue— which they must and surely will— Obama will have no choice but to declare a National State of Emergency to halt the gun violence epidemic. He can choose to wait for the carnage to keep taking place and keep lamenting that something needs to be done, or as a moral imperative—and as part of his duty to protect the American public—act now.
How many more massacres need to take place before he takes the only action that will halt them?
And what will it take for our side to get it? Once again, after the horror in San Bernardino the gun violence prevention groups (large and small) are urging their followers to call, tweet, email their congressional representatives and let them—as well as President Obama—know that “Enough is enough,” “It’s time to act.” “No more.”
Yet again, they claim this is a tipping point that momentum is now on our side denying the reality that despite all their efforts, the math does not work. The structural problem caused by each state having two Senators regardless of population and there being 17 States (34 senators) that want no gun regulations means we can never get them (See Elliot’s Comments 11-08-15 “THE FAIRY TALE OF A CONGRESSIONAL SOLUTION TO THE GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC.”)
Need more proof? Yesterday, despite San Bernardino and The Planned Parenthood massacres just happening the US Senate voted against non-binding legislation to expand background checks, to close the “terror gap,” and to improve our mental health systems. They failed for the same reason the bipartisan legislation failed in 2013 after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. THE MATH JUST DOES NOT WORK!!! Yes there is NRA lobbying, NRA money, NRA bought representatives but the bottom line reality is that the math just does not work.
Congress can never act and the gun violence epidemic will relentlessly continue to expand. Calls for President Obama to issue executive orders without him first declaring a National State of Emergency will do nothing to halt the gun violence epidemic (See Elliot’s Comments 12-02-15 MORE RUSSIAN ROULETTE AND NOW IT’S ON OBAMA AND IT IS NOT EXECUTIVE ACTIONS.”)
The San Bernardino killers had 1,600 unused bullets with them when they were murdered. At home they had 2,500 more for their assault rifles and another 2,000 for the pistols they used in their attack. The Aurora killer had legally amassed his arsenal and had purchased over 10,000 bullets. Obviously we need legislation requiring the recording of bullet sales over a critical amount and also a record of anyone who tries to buy thousands and thousands of bullets.
But this is legislation we will never get and the only way to protect the public safety is by Obama issuing such a regulation as an executive order. However, unless he declares a National State of Emergency he cannot issue such an order without congressional approval—which mathematically cannot be obtained.
The only thing you can do to realistically help stop the gun violence epidemic is to sign the petition calling for President Obama to declare a National State of Emergency and get others to sign it. Petition for State of Emergency
How many more massacres must occur before he does? Don’t let him wait, pressure him to act now. The time to end your having to play Russian roulette with your lives and the lives of your loved ones every time you go out is long past due.
Elliot Fineman
CEO – Founder
National Gun Victims Action Council Petition for State of Emergency

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