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Why Shouldn't Domestic Abusers and Stalkers Have Gun Rights?

Monday, January 26th, 2015



It is hard to believe but true. NRA lobbyists recently pushed a bill through the Michigan legislature that would have allowed gun permits for abusers in domestic violence and stalking cases, including those under court-issued restraining orders. Luckily Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed the incomprehensible legislation.


Those of us who live in Chicago are still haunted by the brazen Black Friday murder of 22-year-old law student Nadia Ezaldein at the Nordstrom’s on Chicago’s Michigan avenue by just such a person. Estranged boyfriend Marcus Dee, say police, used a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun to murder Ezaldein in front of horrified shoppers following a string of domestic violence incidents.


This month in a north Chicago suburb, Elpidia Munoz-Garcia was similarly shot and killed by her boyfriend as was Detret Burley in Palatka, Florida!


Last month, also in the Chicago area, Allan Kustok was found guilty of fatally shooting his wife Anita “Jeanie” Kustok at their suburban home which the defense called a “suicide.” Instead of calling 911, investigators said Kustok waited for a period of time and then took his wife to the hospital, arguing that her death was a suicide. But, testified Dr. Hilary McElligott who conducted the autopsy, it “wasn’t possible for Jeanie Kustok to use her right hand to shoot herself on the left side of her face at such an angle.”


In 2012, Zina Haughton was killed by her estranged husband Radcliffe Haughton along with two other women in suburban Milwaukee, said police. Haughton had threatened to throw acid on his wife’s face and burn her and her family with gas if she ever left him according to news reports. He was under a restraining order. Haughton stalked his wife to a nail spa where she shot seven women.




According to psychologists and law enforcement experts, lethal domestic abuse is predictable and follows months or years of escalating threats and violence. Domestic abusers often become violent when their partner threatens to leave them as George Zimmerman’s recent police-related events suggest.

It is shocking to think the NRA cares more about the “rights” of violent domestic abusers than the women they kill but it is true. According to Marion Hammer, one of the NRA’s top lobbyists who is credited with drafting original Stand Your Ground laws, violent criminals have rights too. When 1,400 probable Florida felons were reported issued concealed weapon licenses including one charged with shooting his girlfriend in the head,  she actually defended their “rights.” “When you begin taking away the rights of people that you don’t like, that’s the slippery slope,” she said. Don’t like? Gun violence is a women’s issue and NRA its macabre sponsor.

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Why Does NRA Fight Gun Laws? It Hates Government More Than "Bad Guys"

Saturday, December 6th, 2014



Even though the NRA is solidly against “bad guys” it is even more against gun laws because if the government knows who has guns it will swoop down and confiscate them. We will live under tyranny like the poor oppressed peoples of Canada, England, France and Australia where the government knows who has guns.


Ridiculous as it sounds, this is why the NRA has defeated a national registry, universal background checks that encompass private sales, mandatory reporting of lost and stolen guns and laws to prevent someone from buying more than one gun a month. The gun lobby even defeated an anti-trafficking bill that would have toughened penalties for straw purchasers after Newtown. Thank you, NRA. Last Christmas Eve’s massacre of firefighters in Webster, NY was committed with a straw buyer-bought gun.


A week ago, 22-year-old law student Nadia Ezaldein was shot and killed by an estranged boyfriend while she worked at Chicago’s Michigan avenue Nordstrom’s store on Black Friday, thanks to a gun trafficker. Police say the murderer, Marcus Dee, used a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun bought from Nina Dones whose boyfriend knew Dee. Nice. Six days before the murder, Dee allegedly punched a friend of Ezaldein’s, putting him in the hospital with broken bones.dee correct


Police say Nina Dones purchased her gun at GAT Guns, a 45,000-square-foot store and indoor range in northwest suburban East Dundee. She then falsely reported the handgun stolen from her Skokie apartment this fall. Dee could not legally possess a gun because he no longer had a valid Illinois firearm owner’s identification card. Thank goodness for private sales!


Guns are behind another Chicago-area crime in the news. Allan Kustok, father of Sarah Kustok, a YES Network reporter and Zach Kustok, a former Northwestern quarterback, was convicted earlier this year of murdering his wife Jeanie. Kustok claims he awoke to hear a gunshot and found his wife in bed next to him with a gun near by.




During the trial, Dr. Hilary McElligott, who conducted the autopsy, said it “wasn’t possible for Jeanie Kustok to use her right hand to shoot herself on the left side of her face at such an angle,” as the defense claimed, calling it a suicide. The .357 magnum revolver was held between six and 24 inches from her left cheek and such “a range of fire is typically not seen” in suicide cases, said Dr. McElligott.


Kustok lived an apparent double life, reported Fox News, carousing and womanizing on the sly. Even as he deposited Jeanie’s body at Palos Community Hospital, the bereaved widower reportedly bragged to a nurse that he was “the life of the party.” What?


Of course the gun lobby always asks what laws would have stopped the killings. But the shoe is on the other foot. Why are such gun murders not a daily occurrence in any country but the U.S.? Nina Dones claimed her gun was stolen two month before it became a murder weapon. Kustok bought his gun months before he killed his wife. In the U.S., anyone from a criminal, violent boyfriend to a wife murderer can buy a gun–and he does.




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