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A New Crime Courtesy of Gun Zealots: Armed While Angry

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Mall shooters, campus shooters, road rage shooters and people who shoot their whole families have one thing in common. They are AWA–armed while angry. As cynics often say–it is a good thing a gun was present or a heated verbal argument could have broken out.

This morning police in the Chicago suburb of Robbins are trying to piece together how a mother and her two children, 15 and 17, were shot to death apparently by the children’s enraged stepfather, who was also found dead in the home. The suspect may have been on psychoactive drugs, he may have been mentally ill but chances are his three victims would be alive today if there had not been a gun in the home for “protection.” It’s the gun, stupid.

Last week, more tragedy was added to the unfolding gun violence at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Even as the campus observed a Day of Healing for the fatal shooting of Purdue teaching assistant Andrew Boldt on Jan. 21, for which student Cody Cousins has been charged, more violence has erupted. College of Education professor Marcia Gentry was shot in a domestic gun violence situation in which her husband William J. Byers, killed himself say police. Also shot and killed in the violence was the family dog, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois. An abused woman is six times more likely to be murdered if a gun is present. A gun in the home is also 22 times more likely to be used in a suicide, homicide or accident than self-defense.

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Hours earlier, police on the Purdue campus detained a man with a handgun and several magazines of ammunition on suspicion he was stalking a female student of the school. The suspect, who was in a vehicle parked outside University Village, had a previous relationship with the student.

Purdue shooting suspect Cody Cousins, awaiting trial, shows why guns on the campus (or in the mall or in the movies) increase the murder rate. Cousins was likely a “law-abiding” citizen until he became AWA and now Andrew Boldt is dead. Nor can you find anyone more “law-abiding” than a retired police officer. Yet Curtis Reeves is charged with killing Chad Oulson and wounding his wife in a Wesley Chapel, Florida movie theater last month. He was allegedly AWA because Oulson was texting and threw popcorn.

Days after the lethal Purdue shooting a poster on Reddit wrote, “Please help advocate for campus carry at Purdue University!” Another cop wannabe posted that he informed school authorities “that I was carrying and everyone was happy to have a firearm on our side in that situation.” The poster’s delusion that he was “protecting” people as a volunteer “armed citizen” on the right “side” is likely exactly what Cody Cousins thought too.

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Indiana Murderer of Two Liked NRA

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

It is too early to know where 22-year-old Shawn Bair who opened fired at an Elkhart, Indiana grocery store on Wednesday, killing two, got his 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun. Did he waltz into a gun shop like the murderers Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), James Holmes (Aurora), Jared Loughner (Tucson), Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard), Paul Ciancia (LAX airport) and Stephen Phillip Kazmierczak (Northern Illinois University)?

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Or did he get it via the criminal network which the gun lobby enables through blocking 1) dealer accounting of inventories 2) retained background records 3) a national registry 4) closing the gun show loophole 5) anti-straw purchaser legislation 6) smart gun technology and 7) even laws to require the reporting of stolen guns?

What a business plan the NRA has. First it tells followers that a regulation like mandatory smart technology is a prelude to gun confiscation and black helicopters will soon swirl over their roofs because the government is coming to take their guns. Then it whips up the paranoia further by saying criminals have somehow gotten armed as if the NRA itself doesn’t block laws addressing dealer inventory, gun show loopholes, straw purchasing and reporting of stolen guns. We don’t know how they got armed!

Why does the NRA even fight smart gun technology which would prevent a weapon from being fired except by specific authorized users? Why does it block a mechanism that would confound criminals and save lives? Isn’t the gun lobby against the “bad guys”? The reason is the criminal market is a big part of gun manufacturers’ sales. Why else have NRA lobbyists pushed through so much pro-criminal legislation usually in federal appropriation bills? “The criminals have guns” is the NRA’s sales pitch on behalf of gun manufacturers. “We made sure of that” is the unsavory truth that is left out.

At first blush Bair appears to be as disturbed as Adam Lanza, who killed first graders at Sandy Hook elementary school in late 2012. His Facebook page, according to Reuters, contains disturbing, bloody images and posts, including a man’s bloodied face. His “likes” include the National Rifle Association, God, and the National Association for Gun Rights.

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