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NRA Puppet of the Week- George Zimmerman

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015



Weeks after emboldening vigilantes everywhere with your acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin, your wife, Shellie phoned 911 and told emergency operators “He’s in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and keeps saying step closer and he’s gonna shoot us.” Three months later, your girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, told police on a 911 call you were pointing “your gun at my fricking face.” Then this week you were arrested for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at another girlfriend who told police you were a “psycho.”
Cop wannabe who terrorizes women in his spare time, you GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, are the NRA Puppet of the Week.

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Does a Gun Keep You Safe? It Didn't For These Enthusiasts

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

It’s been two years since gun lover and business manager of the popular YouTube show FPSRussia Keith Ratliff was found dead in Carnesville, Georgia of a gunshot wound. Ratliff was surrounded by guns at the time of his death but not the gun that killed him, said authorities. Ratliff’s show, which featured his friend Kyle Myers showing off the fire power of weapons and triggering explosions while faking a Russian accent, was viewed by millions.

Soon after Ratliff’s death, Frank Petro, longtime owner of Frank’s Gun & Taxidermy Shop was killed at his gun dealership in Conemaugh, PA. Police charged Jack Edmundson in the slaying who said he shot Petro with his own gun.

When asked about the contradiction of highly armed and trained shooters, including “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, not being able to defend themselves, gun lovers offer a cascade of mewing defenses. Maybe it was a surprise attack, they say. Maybe the shooter came up behind them. Maybe they weren’t paying attention. Maybe they were looking the other way. Maybe they knew the shooter. But of course that’s the definition of an assault. If you knew it were coming and were prepared for it, it wouldn’t be a criminal assault.

The “sun was in my eyes” excuses that gun lovers grasp at when heavily armed people can’t defend themselves show the fundamental fallacy of the citizen gun cult and especially “carrying.” Do armed citizens really think they will stop crimes in progress when even police miss many, perhaps most, of their shots and the top trained security force in the world couldn’t save President Reagan from being shot?


Sure, weapons keep you safe from bad guys unless there is an element of surprise, unless the assailant is behind you and unless the assailant is someone you know. Then, they may actually make things worse. In several recent tragic incidents in the U.S., women who got guns to protect themselves were killed with their own guns.

Statistically, a gun in the home is many times less likely to stop an intruder then to be used in homicides, suicides, rage incidents, domestic violence and cases of mistaken identity. Women are more likely to be killed by violent domestic partners than strangers, usually by guns. Clearly the myth of gun self-defense does more for gun makers than their customers.

National Gun Victims Actions Council
is the U.S.’ largest gun victims groups. Join our effort to get corporate America to take a stand against gun violence. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws. @GunVictimsAct

Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen–Loving Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend on Black Friday

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


Marcus Dee loved Nadia Ezaldein his sister told the press today. But he also had a “temper.” A law-abiding citizen, legal gun owner at one time and son of Chicago police officers , Dee became angry while armed and killed Ezaldein at Nordstrom’s on Chicago’s Michigan Ave on Black Friday. Dee not only threatened Ezaldein with a gun before, another woman sought an order of protection against him in 2007. Still, the NRA works to allow people to keep their guns while they are under orders of protection. Violent domestic abusers have gun rights–it says so in the Constitution!

Law-abiding boyfriends who kill when they get mad–it is why gun violence is a women’s issue.

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What the NRA Says and What NGVAC Says–2

Friday, November 21st, 2014


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Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen–Town Council Member Allegedly Shoots Son

Monday, October 27th, 2014


Phil Cowherd III has been a member of the Harrisburg, N.C. Town Council for 15 years. He was elected mayor pro tem three times, according to his biography on the town’s website. But Cowherd didn’t seem too civic minded when he allegedly shot his son after a Carolina Panthers game on October 5 according to his wife. Cowherd believed the son an intruder said Sheila Cowherd in a 911 call. “My son was banging and knocking my door apart, I don’t understand why, but my husband must have been afraid– he went and got the gun.” Scared or angry? Sheila Cowherd also said her husband shot her son in the leg because he wouldn’t stop “banging on the door.” Authorities believe it was a fight between father and son.

City leader who allegedly shoots when he gets mad—It is another reason to Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen

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Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen–Friendly Fisherman Shoots Two Deputies

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Scott B. Peters is described by neighbors as “quiet and friendly.” He was often seen “fishing at a
nearby lake.” There was no documented history of domestic abuse at his home. But last week, when police were called to his Holiday Hills home in suburban Chicago for a domestic disturbance, he greeted them by allegedly firing an assault weapon through the door while wearing a military style helmet and a ballistic vest. Two McHenry County deputies were shot. More firearms were found in the residence.

Friendly fisherman who shoots deputies through the door with an assault weapon–another reason to Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen.

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Armed, Violent Family Members Have "Guns Rights" Too Say Gun Advocates About New CA Law

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014



Is there any constituency whose “gun rights” the gun lobby won’t defend? The NRA lobbies for the “gun rights” of the mentally ill, people under orders or protection for domestic violence and convicted felons. When Florida’s Sun Sentinel reported that concealed weapon licenses were issued to 1,400 probable felons, NRA lobbyist Marion P. Hammer said, “When you begin taking away the rights of people that you don’t like, that’s the slippery slope.” People you don’t like?


Now, after California Governor Jerry Brown signed the nation’s first law allowing private citizens to ask a court to seize guns from potentially violent family members, gun advocates are defending…potentially violent family members. The new law could deprive them of their “right to defend themselves,” say gun advocates “before they had committed a crime.”


The seven family members allegedly killed by their grandfather/father last month in Bell, Florida might have welcomed a law stopping a perpetrator before he “committed a crime.” So would the family of six killed in July in Spring, Texas. Both families were allegedly killed by relatives who posed clear and present dangers long before the bloodshed. Most domestic gun violence is easy to predict and the family of the gunman who allegedly killed six in Isla Vista in May, sparking the California law, warned police of the imminent danger.

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Last year, NGVAC wrote about a Nevada woman who repeatedly reached out to state and federal authorities about her former boyfriend obtaining guns despite a conviction for gun-related domestic violence. Both the Henderson, Nevada police department where the conviction occurred and Glendale, Arizona police department where the boyfriend resides, told us we would have to wait until “something happens.”


There is another chilling constituency whose “gun rights” the gun lobby defends. People who want to own a sniper rifle which has no defensive use whatever. When NGVAC called for a ban of civilian sales of TrackingPoint’s sniper rifles which use “innovative optics, automatic ballistics calculation and guided fire control to create the most accurate long-range shooting system in the world,” gun advocates screamed the government was coming after their “hunting rifles.” Right.


Does the Second Amendment protect the rights of someone to own a sniper weapon with no defensive use? Do violent, armed family members really need to “defend” themselves when they, in fact, are the perpetrators? Is the NRA really against “bad guys” when it defends the “gun rights” of people under orders or protection for domestic violence, convicted felons, the violent mentally ill and people who want to own sniper weapons?


Join our action to tell corporate America to get off the “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including sniper weapons sold to civilians. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.


Best Argument for Gun Regulation–Defending the "Rights" of Violent Criminals

Friday, September 26th, 2014


After a suspect killed 6 and injured 13 in Santa Barbara in May despite his family’s warnings, California lawmakers drafted a bill empowering family members and police to seek “gun violence restraining orders” that would disarm people at risk of violent crimes before the bloodshed. But in August, members of gun groups, Oath Keepers, tea party groups and the John Birch Society opposed the measure. Carrying signs reading “Don’t grab our guns” and “Honk for our rights,” demonstrators, mostly men, defended the rights of violent offenders to keep and use their guns. “Where does it stop?” asked John Woodard, of Adelanto, a member of the NRA, echoing the familiar “persecution” theme of the gun lobby.

Gun rights trump violence and a few dead bodies? It’s the Best Argument for Gun Regulation.

Tell corporate America to get off the gun violence “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence. Join our action against Hallmark, the only major corporation that has publicly sworn it will never support anti-gun initiatives. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.

Thank you, Illinois State Rifle Association by Elliot Fineman

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

ITGS_comp_screen BLACKAn IT’S THE GUNS, STUPID Column by Elliot Fineman, CEO of NGVAC

By refusing to accept NGVAC’s challenge to establish whether a concealed weapon actually offers self-defense with mutually agreed upon terms, you have actually answered the question: it doesn’t.


Why else would you refuse for two years, NGVAC’s invitation to test the “self-defense” argument which is behind all concealed carry laws?


Our challenge would cost you nothing if you won and possibly even make ISRA money. To fund the test, both NGVAC and ISRA would post $50,000 earnest money, which would be returned to the winner. If the test cost less than the $100,000 raised, the winner would also keep the remainder of the funds.


This challenge, if you won, would inspire more people to seek concealed carry permits, convert gun skeptics including lawmakers, sell guns for manufacturers and substantiate concealed carry laws. Why have you refused to participate and even refused to acknowledge the challenge?


Certainly you believe in concealed carry. In the past four months in the Illinois legislature, you have opposed banning concealed weapons in churches, on public transportation and in public or private hospital or hospital affiliates, mental health facilities, or nursing homes. Remind me why again.


Before Illinois’ Concealed Carry law took effect this year, you issued a press release announcing that the “Illinois State Rifle Association’s 11th annual NRA Day Range Open House will be the perfect place for citizens to try out the latest in concealed carry handguns. Representatives of the nation’s leading firearm manufacturers will be on hand to answer questions about concealed carry handguns and help point consumers toward the pistol or revolver best suited to their particular situation.”


When ABC’s 20/20 tested gun self-defense in a 2009 special called “If I Only Had A Gun” and carriers failed miserably at defending themselves and others, gun advocates screamed “no fair.” They claimed the test did not provide a level playing field. Now, given a second chance to prove that carrying a concealed weapon provides self-defense, ISRA ducks the challenge.


Of course if concealed weapons provided self-defense, no law enforcement officers would ever be killed. The element of surprise, not lack of carried weapons, is the reason so many leaders from President Reagan to Pope John Paul II have been shot.


Thank you, ISRA for refusing to participate in a concealed weapon self-defense challenge. You have proved you know concealed weapons do not offer self-defense. We will carry out the test at a police training facility anyway–which is where police officers undergo simulated real situations. No one can doubt the “fairness” of that test. In addition to your admission that carrying guns in public does not provide self-defense (the only reason you did not accept our challenge) we will provide the proof to the public and the politicians to see. Stay tuned.


Why We Do Not Mind Turning Off Gun Moderates by Elliot Fineman

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


“IT’S THE GUNS, STUPID” column by
Elliot Fineman
National Gun Victims Action Council


Recently NGVAC got an email from an angry gun owner. “Clean up the campaign and make it about facts and offer true action for GOOD people,” said the woman. “There are way more of us than you would have us believe, apparently!”


The writer took exception to a recent NGVAC blog about an owner of a campus bar in South Carolina who placed a sign on his door that read “If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business.” While it was the bar owner’s sign that called gun carriers “losers” not NGVAC, we stand guilty of naming our new radio show on 1480 AM WPWC in Washington, D.C. every other Thursday at 6:00 pm EST, “IT’S THE GUNS, STUPID.”


At NGVAC we make no apologies for the name of our radio show or its blunt approach to the life-and-death issues of gun violence. Nor do we worry about offending gun owner moderates. The reason is gun moderates, estimated to be three-fourths of NRA members and millions of other gun owners who have never joined gun advocacy groups, stay silent. They may agree with us that guns present in most public places today is a far cry from the right to have a firearm in the home for protection as affirmed by the 2008 Heller decision. They may agree with us that guns carried in public create a threat to public safety. They may agree with us that universal background checks and a registry of gun owners are not the first steps toward “confiscation” by a tyrannical government. They may agree with us that we have an epidemic of gun violence and passing sane gun laws is required to reverse it—yet they remain silent!


Federal lawmakers do not hear from them which is why, after the Sandy Hook massacre, not one gun law passed at the federal level–whether limits on rapid fire weaponry or closing private sale loopholes. State and local lawmakers do not hear from them which is why almost half the states loosened gun restrictions after Sandy Hook.


So this is our message to the angry emailer and other gun owners who feel we are not “reasonable”: Please do not ask us to speak reasonably to you and expect any response. For over 20 years we have spoken reasonably and you have been silent. The result is that not one gun law has passed at the federal level for 20 years that would have reduced gun violence–but many have been passed to assure that gun violence increases.  If you and other moderate gun owners care to join us and stand with us in advocating for sane gun laws let us know and we will support you and any gun owners group working for sane gun laws that you organize. But do not ask us to treat you with respect and understanding until you do. Your side does not deserve reasonable treatment and respect as long as you remain silent and do nothing to help reverse the gun violence epidemic that our current insane guns laws cause. Your silence is a root cause of the gun violence epidemic we have been forced to live with.


Your silence and enabling of gun extremism is why “We Are Done Asking.” Until we have evidence to the contrary, we will assume we will get no real support from gun owners who in the final analysis will either agree with the NRA’s position or will disagree, but go silently along.


Are you DONE ASKING for sane gun laws? Force them! Join the thousands making the TELL AND COMPEL™ pledge.