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Gun Fact #3 A Hundred Times More U.S, Police are Killed Than English. Why?

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

 Between 1990 and September 18, 2012  in the U.S. 1,302 police officers were killed, 1,132 (87%) by a firearm (75% were handguns)*. During the same period in England, 45 police officers were killed, 10 (22%) by a firearm—including 2 female police officers on September 18, 2012**. British police officers do not generally carry guns as U.S. officers do.
What can we draw from these facts? Clearly carrying a gun in public, as U.S. police officers do, does not offer protection from the element of surprise (see Gun Fact # 1: Carrying a Gun Does Not Provide Self Defense)
Conclusion # 1: We should not allow private citizens to carry guns in public either concealed or openly; they do not, as claimed, provide self defense.
In England handguns have been outlawed. The only guns private citizens can own are long guns for hunting and they can only shoot 2 bullets at a time. However, the criminals illegally get all the guns they want. They can get semi-automatic handguns that shoot 32 bullets at a time like the Tucson murderer or assault rifles that shoot 50 to 100 bullets at a time like the Aurora murderer.
Since our population is 5 times England’s, if only criminals had guns in the U.S., we would have expected 50 police officers to be killed by firearms between 1990 to September 18, 2012.
However, as we have both criminals and “law-abiding citizens” carrying guns, and we have “non-sane gun laws” (which are based on maximizing sales for the gun industry) and not England’s sane gun laws (which are based on protecting the public’s safety), we have over 20 times the number or police officers killed by guns than we would forecast.
Conclusion # 2: Our gun laws should not be based on maximizing sales for the gun industry.
Conclusion # 3: We would have far less police killed by gunfire if only criminals had guns.

*FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed and Assaulted Program: 2000, 2010, 2011; Officer Down Memorial Page September, 2012

** List of British police officers killed in the line of duty-Wikipedia;

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