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Why Are Corporations Silent on Gun Violence? Get Ready for Our New Campaign

Friday, January 15th, 2016

January 15, 2016

Light a cigarette in any US business and you will be asked to put it out and possibly leave. Since secondhand smoke, SHS, (also known as “involuntary smoking”) was exposed as having no safe level and being linked to cancers of the larynx, pharynx, brain, bladder, rectum, stomach, breast and liver, you can smoke exactly nowhere. (more…)

Will On Camera Assassinations Be a Tipping Point? Or Is More Gun Bloodshed Necessary?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015


Reporter and cameraman gunned down during live newscast? Beloved professor killed by another professor in his campus office? Another day of gun bloodshed in the US.


After mass shootings the media “play by play” is always the same. First the nation is horrified, then the suspect’s “mental illness” is examined, then memorial services are held and then, after self-muting for three days, gun advocates surface to say “no laws” could have prevented the carnage because the “real problem” is mental illness.


Wrong on all counts. First, the Charleston, Chattanooga and Roanoke suspects were legal gun owners despite clear mental problems. The gun lobby loves to say criminals don’t follow gun laws but the Virginia Tech, Aurora, Tucson, Fort Hood, Navy Yard, NIU and Santa Barbara shooters–and most other mass gun murderers– followed the letter of the law.


Secondly, other countries have as many mentally ill people as we do—but they have gun laws. After the Dunblane school massacre in the United Kingdom in 1996 and the Port Arthur massacre in Australia the same year, laws were passed that prevented future shootings. They learned their lesson. By way of contrast, after the US’s Red Lake massacre in 2005, laws were passed in the US to make it illegal to sue the gun industry.


In response to the gun lovers who like to argue “should knives, hammers and cars be outlawed too,” no one has ever wounded 82 people in seconds with a knife as the Aurora killer did with a gun. On the same day as the Sandy Hook murders, a man in China stabbed the same number of school children and none died. It’s the guns, stupid.


Many do not realize or can’t believe that the NRA works for the “gun rights” of convicted felons, domestic abusers and people under orders of protection because they have gun rights too. Most people under orders of protection are men, of course and eight women were shot by their husbands in the last week of August—six died.


Right after the Aurora movie theater shootings we, at NGVAC, were alerted by an ex-wife to a convicted domestic abuser who was collecting guns and military weapons, which he was legally banned from doing, and donning body armor. We were told by two police departments the possible mass-shooter-in-the-making had the “right” to his arsenal and society would just have to wait until he killed before they could do anything. What?


August’s on camera murders, July’s movie and military murders or June’s church murders may not have been a tipping point–but the whole nation knows one is coming. One of these days, one too many gun victim families will ask why their loved one was killed and why their lawmakers are serving the NRA not them.




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NRA uses Baltimore Riots as PR for the Second Amendment

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Gun-toting business owner saves reporter from angry Baltimore mob. The claim, which appeared on the NRA’s Facebook page according to Sam Biddle on Gawker, sounds riveting except that it isn’t true.
When asked on Twitter if the claim were true, the reporter, Justin Fenton said, “No. A group of gang members surrounded me, saying they were protecting me. The guy with shotgun was protecting his business.” And the fabrication gets worse! Fenton was actually protected by a gang member according to another tweet which the reporter confirmed.
This is not the first or last time the gun lobby has attempted to use racial unrest to sell white people guns. A few years ago, a racial-fear mongering NRA brochure draft was leaked to the press that shows an Aryan nation under siege by African-Americans. The brochure, called Freedom In Peril; Guarding the 2nd Amendment in the 21st Century, featured high budget illustrations of homeowners defending themselves from rioting minorities by shooting from their rooftops. “Thousands of lawful Americans were reduced to the final and purest form of self-reliance in the face of terrifying anarchy,” said the brochure about the unrest after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Last week in Chicago, another “citizen-defense” event happened which seems to have the gun rights agenda written all over it. An Uber driver allegedly shot a man who was “shooting into a crowd.” As more and more unbalanced gunmen commit mass shootings, the gun lobby tries to present “carriers” as a way to stop the bad guys.
But there were many questions about the Uber hero story that ran in Chicago papers. First, why was the identity of the driver protected by police and reporters? Isn’t he a hero–didn’t he stop a bad guy? Certainly his identity was known since he showed his concealed carry permit to police according to news reports. Why did Uber refuse to identify the driver or confirm that it lets its drivers carry lethal weapons?
Did anyone see the bad guy “firing into the crowd”? Police arrived after the Uber hero had shot the alleged gunman Everardo Custodio who was on the ground. The unnamed hero said Custodio was shooting at him and others. Was he the only witness? No one in the crowd was grazed or injured by bullets or taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. Did a shooting even take place? Or was this a personal spat between two gun carriers, as the neighborhood it occurred in, Logan Square, is gang territory?
Why did Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn appear so suddenly and reflexively tell the press the unnamed driver had defended himself and would not be charged? With no investigation? Was he at the scene of the incident?
While an unnamed Uber driver certainly shot Everardo Custodio last week in Chicago, the carrier’s heroism sounds a lot like the heroism of the gun-toting business owner in Baltimore. A creation of the gun rights movement.

Gun Owners Oppressed? Depends On Your Definition of Oppressed

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Sometimes the gun lobby’s rants sound like they are out of the Onion. Despite the Heller decision, the defeat of universal background checks and assault weapon/ high-capacity magazine bans after Newtown, despite the legalization of concealed carry in every state, gun owners are still “oppressed.”
Why can’t “carriers” carry in schools or churches? Bars? Courtrooms and government offices? Why can’t carriers bring their gun to work? Why isn’t their carry permit honored in other states? Why can’t they “carry” at Chuck E. Cheese and Toys R Us? Oppression!!
Of course, in truth there is almost no legislative battle the gun lobby has not won from legalizing guns on Amtrak and in national parks (the same government “trying to take your guns”) to defeating one-gun-a-month purchase limits and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns laws. The gun lobby has even pushed through laws prohibiting the names of gun owners from being published. Guns keep their owners so safe—they don’t want anyone to know they have them?
But the string of legislative successes has created another problem for the gun lobby: how to convince followers they are still persecuted when it’s easier to buy a gun than Sudafed. Seven years ago “Obama’s gonna take your guns” galvanized the troops and sold a lot of guns, ammo and NRA memberships. Now crying “CONFISCATION ” is like crying “WOLF.” No one believes it anymore and the NRA looks irrelevant.
Enter new forms of “oppression” that gun owners did not even realize they were suffering from–like the oppression of waiting two days to procure a lethal weapon. Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period to buy handguns violates gun rights and amounts to a “time tax” charged Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard this week. Why should “an individual that is able to lawfully possess a firearm,” be so restricted??
Laws against silencers also oppress gun owners’ rights. Why should gun owners have to endure ear damage when firing their weapons? Watch for bills legalizing silencers–which the gun lobby prefers to call “sound suppressors”–sailing through state legislatures in 2015.
Finally, the call for a ban on civilian sales of sniper weapons like TrackingPoint’s “Smart Scope” Military-Style Precision-Guided rifle which hits a target the size of a soup can from 1,000 yards away is another instance of gun owner oppression. “If we start banning technology like this, what’s next? What scope is next? What firearm is next?” wrote a Florida gun columnist. “We have to stand together to prevent this kind of erosion of our constitutional rights.”

Constitutional rights? To own a sniper weapon, silencer and endure no gun waiting period? In seeking new areas of gun rights “persecution,” the gun lobby sounds a lot like the boy who shoots his parents and cries he is an orphan.

Join our action to tell corporate America to get off the “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including the “can’t miss” sniper rifle sold to civilians. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws. Follow us at @GunVictimsAct

Beware the Law-Abiding Citizen–"Carrier" Brings Handguns to Boston University Commencement

Monday, May 19th, 2014


Legal “carrier” Andrea Massa, 28, allegedly brought two handguns to Boston University’s commencement where 20,000 were gathered. Authorities charged him with carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds, disturbing a school assembly, disturbing a public assembly and violation of firearms license restriction. But he did not mean to threaten the assembled graduates, their families and the high profile speakers, explained his wife, Sally Jenkins. “He was just exercising his right to have them.”

Gun lover making a “point” at the risk of thousands, you, Andrea Massa, are the law-abiding citizen of the week.

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