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Guns Have Feelings Too Says the Gun Lobby

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


Many have observed that in defending “gun rights,” the gun lobby helps the very bad guys it says it is against. Exhibit A is blocking private sale background checks so criminals can buy guns at gun shows–and do. Exhibit B is the 2004 Tiahrt amendments which block ATF from requiring yearly dealer inventory despite the tens of thousands of “lost” or “stolen” guns that become crime guns.


Of course the NRA obstructionism is because universal background checks will lead to “government confiscation” but arming criminals also sells guns to “good guys” because, well, the criminals have guns!


Exhibit C is laws, written by the “bill mill” ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and passed in a growing number of states making it illegal to destroy guns that police seize, often from crime scenes. Yes, the NRA wants to save guns on “death row” because they are “valuable property.”

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The NRA says fears that guns will go back to criminals is “absurd” and if police resold seized guns at a discount it would help lower-income Americans in high-crime areas. But guns resold by police are used in crimes including crimes in which law enforcers are shot says CNNMoney.


The new “Don’t Destroy” laws send police out to “face the same guns they risked their lives to get off the street,” says Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher. Hennepin County, MN Sheriff Richard Stanek agrees.


NRA spokesperson Jennifer Baker says seized guns are sold to “law-abiding citizens,” not criminals. But the Charleston, Chattanooga, Chapel Hill, Roanoke, Lafayette, Umpqua, Navy Yard, Fort Hood, Santa Barbara, Tucson, Aurora, and Virginia Tech shooters were all legal gun owners as are most mass shooters. Feel better? Baker also says the reason for destruction of seized guns is that anti-gun violence groups want to “want to get rid of all guns.”


It is hard to believe the Constitution-focused, “patriotic” gun lobby is so unabashedly pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement. In addition to releasing crime guns back to the street, it has pushed laws that ban gun buy-backs, a modest but effective way for family members to remove household guns. To demonstrate its contempt for law enforcement, gun victims and gun regulation, Guns Save Life in Champaign IL vowed to sabotage a Chicago buy-back this week by turning in inoperable and rusty guns. “We will be delighted to transact business once more with do-gooders in Chicago,” said its executive director.


With lethal shootings in church, schools, on US highways and even during newscasts, the public space is no longer safe. We have asked President Obama to declare a state of emergency as he did in 2009 when the swine flu became a daily, public health threat.



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Profit Party Is Over for Gun Manufacturers

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

“Overkill” is a term that surfaced during the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union known as the Cold War. It meant the use of force in excess of what was needed to destroy an enemy–literally the ability to kill the enemy again if he came back to life after nuclear bombardment. Nuclear overkill during Dr. Strangelove days (a movie subtitled How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and starring Peter Sellers) was called by military architects “pounding the rubble” and sometimes, facetiously, “pounding the ruble.”

Overkill is also the business plan of gun manufacturers who market military style weapons and high capacity magazines as the way to defend your home against an intruder. Right. “Let’s say you have up to six hundred intruders per minutes,” says a gun dealer in a famous New Yorker cartoon as he tries to sell a military style weapon.


But now it looks like the gun manufacturers’ profit party, sparked by fears that Congress would pass restrictions on semiautomatic rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre, is over. In December, both Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. and Remington Outdoor Co. reported profits down, according to the Wall Street Journal. Last week, outdoor retailer Cabela’s Inc., also reported sales of firearms and ammunition down as much as 50 percent. Chief Executive Thomas Millner admitted the feeder frenzy after Newtown was “a bubble.” Firearm and ammunition sales doubled after President Obama was re-elected in 2012 and the recent mass shootings, courtesy of fear marketing.

Commensurate with the overkill concept, fewer households today keep guns than 34 years ago but those that do have more guns than ever. (See 10 percent of people cause 90 percent of drunk driving fatalities.) In 1980, half of US households kept guns; today it is only 33 percent and falling. Reasons for the falling gun ownership rate include more households headed by single women, the absence of a draft introducing young people to guns, fewer Americans living in rural places and a growing awareness that a gun in the home is 12 times more likely to kill its occupants than intruders. Nor are parents even comfortable, these days, allowing their children to visit or play in homes that keep guns.

Of course, now it is obvious that no amount of twisted shootings–whether of members of Congress or six-year-olds–will spark congressional gun legislation. Black helicopters are not going to swoop down on housetops, President Obama isn’t going to confiscate guns and 600 intruders per minute are not going to storm homeowners. In fact the fear-driven feeder frenzy of firearms is so over with, it is probably time for a book called “101 Uses for Dead Guns.”

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