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IT'S THE GUNS, STUPID radio show–episode 10

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Here are clips from our June 25 IT’S THE GUNS, STUPID radio show

Episode 10


Robyn Thomas is Executive Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a national non-profit organization founded by attorneys focused on providing comprehensive legal research and expertise in support of smart gun laws that save lives.

Do Gun Laws Work? Yes! (w/ Robyn Thomas)

How Any State’s Loose Gun Laws Threaten Us All (w/ Robyn Thomas)

The Myth of Gun Self-Defense (Elliot Fineman and Robyn Thomas)

Why Bringing A Gun To Work Is A Bad Idea (Elliot Fineman, Martha Rosenberg
NGVAC Senior Editor)

Why Corporate America Can Not Stay Neutral On Gun Violence (Elliot Fineman)

Why You Should Boycott Hallmark (Elliot Fineman)


IT'S THE GUNS, STUPID radio show–episode 9

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Here are clips from our June 12 IT’S THE GUNS, STUPID radio show


Dr. Joan Burbick is author of the acclaimed book, Gun Show Nation, and Professor Emeritus of English at Washington State University. She consulted with PBS on a special documentary on gun culture last year.

The Fantasy Behind Guns (w/ Dr. Joan Burbick)

The Racist Roots of the Gun Movement (w/ Dr. Joan Burbick)

Dr. Marjorie Fujara is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Rush Medical College and a strong advocate for greater gun safety. She teaches residents and medical students about gun violence as a public health problem.

Why Guns Are A Medical Issue (w/ Dr. Marjorie Fujara)

A Doctor Explains the Impact of Gun Violence (w/ Dr. Marjorie Fujara)

What Does Hallmark Have to Do With Gun Violence? NGVAC CEO Elliot Fineman

Full show

NGVAC In The News

Monday, June 16th, 2014

NGVAC’s work has been mentioned on these high profile news shows and web sites in the last week.

The Hill A Real Father’s Day Present for Your Dad—Your Safety Elliot Fineman

Bill Moyers  Say No to ‘The New Normal’ — Five Things You Can Do About Gun Violence

Time magazine It’s Time For Businesses To Take a Real Stand Against Open-Carry

MSNBC The Daily Beast’s Cliff Schecter talks with Ronan Farrow

The Zero Hour with R.J. Eskow (starts at 30:00)