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NRA Puppet of the Week- CO. Sen. Bernie Herpin

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

NRA Puppet of the Week
After spearheading the recall campaign of Colorado lawmakers who supported new gun laws, you became a state senator. You began public service by declaring that it was a “good thing” that the Aurora movie shooter “had a 100-round magazine, because it jammed. If he had four, five, six 15-round magazines, there’s no telling how much damage he could have done until a good guy with a gun showed up.” You also said on a radio show there are “enough” gun laws though the Aurora shooter bought two pistols, a semiautomatic rifle and a shotgun within weeks of each other legally. Now, the Colorado people have said there are “enough” gun puppets. You were roundly defeated–or should that be “recalled”– this month by democrat Michael Merrifield.
Short-lived, gun-loving legislator wannabe, YOU, SENATOR BERNIE HERPIN, are the NRA puppet of the week.
Join our action to tell corporate America to get off the “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including the “can’t miss” sniper rifle sold to civilians. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.
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An Open Letter to Outdoor Life, Ammoland, and the Herald-Tribune's Lee Williams

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

How Gun Owners Are Helping To Take Their Own Guns Away

On August 20, 2014, the National Gun Victims Action Council issued a press release calling for a ban of “Smart Scope” Military-Style Precision-Guided sniper rifles, manufactured by Texas-based TrackingPoint, from being sold to the public. These weapons, legally sold to civilians, allow even people who have never fired a gun to hit a target the size of a soup can from 1,000 yards away every time—that’s 10 football fields or over half a mile.

Promptly, the pro-gun outlets, Outdoor Life and Ammoland and Lee Williams of the Herald-Tribune issued pleas for sympathy and “understanding” for this weapon while non-gun extremists remained chillingly silent.

“If we start banning technology like this, what’s next? What scope is next? What firearm is next,” whined poor, victimized TrackingPoint in Williams” Sept. 2 Herald-Tribune column. “We have to stand together to prevent this kind of erosion of our constitutional rights.”

And stand together they did. We, at NGVAC, received an enormous amount of email from followers of these outlets, explaining how ignorant we are, what a threat to the sanctity and security of our country we represent and how our “gun grabbing” legislation-driven agenda violates “constitutional rights.”

None of the defenders of the “can’t miss” Military-Style Precision-Guided Sniper rifle addressed its dangers to the public’s safety and indeed the safety of our public spaces or the fact that the weapon has no legitimate purpose such as self-defense or hunting by “real” hunters who rely on skill.

During the terrifying Beltway sniper attacks of October, 2002, ten people were killed and three others critically injured in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. People Kennedy graphic design schools of Government, as Executive Director of City Year Boston, and as a Vice President at City Year. were terrified to get out of their cars to fill their gas tanks or even leave their houses and the region was in a state of panic. Yet TrackingPoint and its defenders conveniently forget this example of how a single sniper can and has terrorized entire communities. Now TrackingPoint enables anyone to be an elite sniper and laments that to not do so erodes our “constitutional rights.”

What the gun advocates did mention was the Second Amendment “right” of civilians to own TrackingPoint’s sniper weapon and the loss of freedoms that banning this rifle from civilian purchase would mean. They left out the loss of freedoms that have resulted from banning civilians from possessing ricin or heat-guided laser rocket launchers. Nor did the gun advocates who wrote us address our side’s Second Amendment right to regulate guns.

TrackingPoint’s position is not a surprise. It is just another greedy gun manufacturer unconcerned with what happens to the public once it sells its guns. Are TackingPoint and its defenders really unaware of the mass terror and destabilization of a society these weapons in the hands of civilians can unleash?

What will it take to ban sales of TrackingPoint”s “can’t miss” sniper rifles to the public? A Supreme Court Justice being taken out? The quarterback of the opposing football team? A politician? A school bus driver and his busload of children, murdered from half mile away?

When such sniping events begin, we will predictably hear “it’s not the gun– it’s the mentally disturbed person that is to blame,” which will be just fine with TrackingPoint. Meanwhile, to identify mentally ill people who might possess TrackingPoint weapons, we would need a registry which you gun advocates also block, saying it also violates our “rights.”

In defending insurrection-style weapons, you,, Outdoor Life, Lee Williams and Ammoland are actually working against your own interests. Do you really think the first sniper attack with a TrackingPoint weapon won”t force the gun laws you fear including regulation of the military weapons you defend? Defending weapons like TrackingPoint”s “Smart Scope” Military-Style Precision-Guided sniper rifles is practically inviting the government to take your guns–and they will—and you will have done it to yourselves.

And, I know when the government has no choice but to act, you will get your guns out and take on the U.S. Armed Forces” drones, tanks and laser guided missiles and…defeat them. How about getting real for a minute?

The “can’t miss” Sniper rifle must be banned from civilian sales and those already sold, bought back from the owners by TrackingPoint. Be smart, if you can, and support this ban or you will lose your guns. Don’t believe me? Let’s find out.

Elliot Fineman

President and CEO

National Gun Victims Action Council

Links to the pro-TrackingPoint weapons stories.

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NRA Puppet of the Week- John Snow with Outdoor Life

Friday, September 5th, 2014

There was a time when sportsmen resisted the NRA’s paranoid “urban warfare” rhetoric as anathema to outdoor life. But not anymore. This week, you railed against “those who seek to take our guns. And, believe me, if they could they would take them all.” There was also a time when outdoorsmen allowed animals respectful fair chase and relied on their skill. But not anymore. This week you lauded Safari International, which promotes killing of elephants and rhinos, for its use of the “can’t miss” TrackingPoint sniper rifle. Nice.
“Shooting editor” who has lost all outdoor ethics, You, JOHN SNOW, are the NRA Puppet of the Week
Tell corporate America to get off the gun violence “sidelines.” When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.


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