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Let People Just Out of Psychiatric Hospitals Have Their Guns Says NRA

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


This summer’s bloodshed from people with mental illness attacking churches, military installations, movie theaters and this week a Manhattan federal building has not stopped the NRA’s guns-for-everyone-and-anyone agenda. The NRA-backed Mental Health and Safe Communities Act would restore the “gun rights” of someone who has been hospitalized for mental illness automatically–as soon as he is discharged. Why shouldn’t someone on heavy medication considered a threat to himself and others two days ago get his lethal weapons back the minute he leaves the hospital? Currently, someone who’s been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital must petition for the restoration of his “gun rights” or wait for a court or administrative body to restore them.


The NRA-backed legislation is reminiscent of H.R. 2640–The National Instant Criminal Background Check System Improvement Amendments Act which the NRA supported after the Virginia Tech massacre. Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech killer, was found “mentally ill and in need of hospitalization” by the New River Valley Community Services Board but bought legal guns and ammunition anyway.


Like the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act, HR 2640 sounded like it would make communities safer. But on its website the NRA wrote the bill was actually “better for gun owners than current law,” because “certain types of mental health orders will no longer prohibit a person from possessing or receiving a firearm,” like adjudications that have expired or been removed and “commitments from which a person has been completely released with no further supervision required.” Also excluded, said the NRA, “are federal decisions about a person’s mental health that consist only of a medical diagnosis, without a specific finding that the person is dangerous or mentally incompetent.”


Why does the NRA promote “gun rights” for people with mental illness? For the same reason it promotes “gun rights” for convicted felons, suspected domestic abusers and people under orders of protection. The NRA does not believe in “gratuitously tak[ing] away the rights of people because when you begin taking away the rights of people that you don’t like, that’s the slippery slope,” said NRA lobbyist Marion P. Hammer. “Don’t like?”


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That is why after the murder of nine Charleston church worshippers by a suspect with white supremacy attitudes and clear mental problems, the NRA website ignored the massacre in favor of telling its followers—the “largest gun grab in American history” was underway. “The Obama social security system plans to deny 4.2 million people the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” screamed the NRA referring to a possible White House move to deny guns to Social Security beneficiaries ruled incompetent to manage their own pension or disability payments. Why should people who cannot manage their own affairs and likely have dementia be denied guns? Persecution!


This summer was rife with bloodshed from mentally ill people who should have never been able to buys guns–but shootings at Aurora, Tucson, the Navy Yard, Santa Barbara, Fort Hood and Northern Illinois University also underscore the dangers. Is the NRA serious?


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NRA Puppet of the Week- Marion Hammer, Repeat Winner

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

When it comes to gun activism you are a busy bee. After getting Florida’s Stand Your Ground law on the books, you pushed for a law criminalizing doctors who ask about a gun in the home. “Physicians interrogating and lecturing parents and children about guns is not about gun safety. It is a political agenda to ban guns,” you said. Now you are accusing Florida police chiefs who spoke against a bill allowing guns on campuses of “lobbying” with tax dollars. Like the $400,000 in tax dollars each gun homicide costs taxpayers?
Gun Loving Ghoul “OK” With A Little Homicide, You, Marion Hammer, are the NRA Puppet of the Week
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Armed, Violent Family Members Have "Guns Rights" Too Say Gun Advocates About New CA Law

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014



Is there any constituency whose “gun rights” the gun lobby won’t defend? The NRA lobbies for the “gun rights” of the mentally ill, people under orders or protection for domestic violence and convicted felons. When Florida’s Sun Sentinel reported that concealed weapon licenses were issued to 1,400 probable felons, NRA lobbyist Marion P. Hammer said, “When you begin taking away the rights of people that you don’t like, that’s the slippery slope.” People you don’t like?


Now, after California Governor Jerry Brown signed the nation’s first law allowing private citizens to ask a court to seize guns from potentially violent family members, gun advocates are defending…potentially violent family members. The new law could deprive them of their “right to defend themselves,” say gun advocates “before they had committed a crime.”


The seven family members allegedly killed by their grandfather/father last month in Bell, Florida might have welcomed a law stopping a perpetrator before he “committed a crime.” So would the family of six killed in July in Spring, Texas. Both families were allegedly killed by relatives who posed clear and present dangers long before the bloodshed. Most domestic gun violence is easy to predict and the family of the gunman who allegedly killed six in Isla Vista in May, sparking the California law, warned police of the imminent danger.

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Last year, NGVAC wrote about a Nevada woman who repeatedly reached out to state and federal authorities about her former boyfriend obtaining guns despite a conviction for gun-related domestic violence. Both the Henderson, Nevada police department where the conviction occurred and Glendale, Arizona police department where the boyfriend resides, told us we would have to wait until “something happens.”


There is another chilling constituency whose “gun rights” the gun lobby defends. People who want to own a sniper rifle which has no defensive use whatever. When NGVAC called for a ban of civilian sales of TrackingPoint’s sniper rifles which use “innovative optics, automatic ballistics calculation and guided fire control to create the most accurate long-range shooting system in the world,” gun advocates screamed the government was coming after their “hunting rifles.” Right.


Does the Second Amendment protect the rights of someone to own a sniper weapon with no defensive use? Do violent, armed family members really need to “defend” themselves when they, in fact, are the perpetrators? Is the NRA really against “bad guys” when it defends the “gun rights” of people under orders or protection for domestic violence, convicted felons, the violent mentally ill and people who want to own sniper weapons?


Join our action to tell corporate America to get off the “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including sniper weapons sold to civilians. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.