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The only thing the NRA hates more than gun grabbers are moderates within its own ranks

Monday, August 17th, 2015


It has been eight years since successful outdoors personality and big game hunter Jim Zumbo spoke out against military style weapons for hunting. “Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I’ll go so far as to call them ‘terrorist’ rifles,” he wrote on a blog. “We don’t need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them.”


Who remembers what happened? Zumbo was called a “turncoat” who has “put a stake in our hearts” by gun advocates and stripped almost overnight of his weekly TV show on the Outdoors network and position as hunting editor with Outdoor Life magazine. Zumbo’s show were restored only after he flew to NRA board member Ted Nugent’s Texas ranch to learn the beauty of so-called “black rifles,” for hunting animals.


Zumbo even issued an unctuous recantation. “I’ll do all I can to educate others who are, or were, as ignorant as I was about ‘black’ rifles and the controversy that surrounds them,” he vowed. “My promise to you is that I’ll learn all I can about these firearms, and by the time this week is out, I’ll order one.” In the words of George Orwell, Zumbo loved Big Brother, too.


Flash forward to 2013 when a call for mandatory gun-owner training in the magazine Guns & Ammo also activated the NRA’s Taliban wing. Why? Requiring training for people walking around with lethal weapons is a clear violation of “gun rights.” Within hours contributing editor Dick Metcalf was terminated and the magazine’s editor Jim Bequette resigned. “The government should not deem it necessary to micromanage the citizen exercise of essential rights,” an NRA quote on the Wisconsin Gun Owners website clarifies.


Last year after initially terming Texas open carry hooligans who mass together, intimidating the public “downright weird” and not a “practical” way “to defend yourself,” the NRA reversed itself. The condemnation was “a mistake” and” shouldn’t have happened,” said NRA’s Chris Cox, adding “our job is not to criticize the lawful behavior of fellow gun owners.”


The NRA was not always the gun extremist group with strong white power overtones it is today. (NRA board member Ted Nugent wears a Confederate Flag when performing, for example.) It was known for promoting marksmanship and gun safety–not prepping for an upcoming showdown with the government. In the 1930’s, NRA President Karl T. Frederick even said, “I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.”

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In 1967, California Gov. Ronald Reagan, an NRA member, proclaimed “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons,” when 24 Black Panther Party members walked into the California Statehouse legally carrying rifles. Imagine what would happen if a politician and NRA member made a statement like that today.


Do you work for or patronize any of these top companies? Tell them to get off the sidelines and take a stand for gun safety.


Why Law Abiding Gun Owners Can Not Be Trusted to Be Law Abiding

Monday, January 28th, 2013

The oft quoted refrain from  gun owners, the NRA, the politicians who support the NRA, President Obama, and Vice-President  Biden and all the organizations advocating for sane gun laws  is that Law Abiding Gun Owners are—or are not—the target (no pun intended) of gun control efforts, depending on which side you are on.   In point of fact, every hideous, non-sane gun law we have—and every sane gun law we cannot pass—is based on the sleight of hand the NRA has created—the mythical creature —the Law Abiding Gun Owner.

What is implied by the phrase “Law Abiding Gun Owner” is that they will always be law abiding, need no regulations or boundaries, can be counted on to follow every law.  Therefore any gun law that would be passed only serves to punish these “angels” and since the criminals will ignore the gun laws, soon “Only The Criminals Will Have Guns.”  (Note: An earlier blog post shows, unequivocally, that we would indeed be a far safer country with far, far less gun homicides “If Only Criminals Had Guns” See ) .

Because someone is law abiding today, does not mean they will be law abiding tomorrow; we must be very, very careful about who is a gun owner and there are sensible ways to do that. The NRA deliberately coined the phrase “law abiding gun owner” to argue that they would always be law abiding and criminals would always be criminals. This ignores the reality that every criminal was once law abiding.

We refer to drivers as “legal drivers. And that is what we should call gun owners—legal gun owners. We take away the licenses of people who break driving laws but since gun owners are not licensed, even when they break gun laws we cannot take away their guns.

A fact of human nature is that we all have good and bad inside of us and both sides come out from time to time. The legislator who sponsored the guns in bars bill that passed in Tennessee, used as the persuasive argument that helped pass it, “That no law abiding gun owner would ever drink while carrying their gun.”  Three months after the law was passed, he was picked up on a DUI with his loaded gun in the front seat.

Law Abiding Gun Owners Can Not Be Trusted to Be Law Abiding.  It is a term we must stop using if we are to make progress towards sane gun laws.