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"Gun-free" Zone Fiction Flatters Carriers; Insults the Public

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

 It has only been two years since Chris Kyle, the “American Sniper,” was killed on a shooting range in Erath County, Texas. His murder was followed by the shooting death in Georgia of Keith Ratliff of the YouTube gun show FPSRussia, who was surrounded by his own guns, and Frank Petro, owner of Frank’s Gun & Taxidermy Shop in Tunnelton, PA who was killed in his shop with his own gun.


Also shot and killed in 2013 were Kaufman County, Texas District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, despite the DA being “well-armed and so well-versed in guns,” according to his son, and other key law enforcement figures.


NGVAC Tell and Compel InitiativeStill it is the absence of guns–“gun-free” zones–that explains most shootings, say gun advocates, because bad guys know that good guys “have been disarmed!”


Under this self-flattering reasoning, armed guards are no replacement for armed citizens and Ford Hood, the Navy Yard and LAX airport are actually soft targets. “Let’s attack a military installation,” the bad guys say, according to gun advocates. “They won’t fight back.”


The gun-free zone fiction was rolled out by the gun advocacy movement as businesses have increasingly shunned belligerent and self-righteous “carriers” on their premises.


Just as Pepsi recently renounced the artificial sweetener aspartame and Chipotle renounced genetically modified food ingredients, top restaurant chains like Panera Bread, Starbucks, Sonic Drive-In, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Chipotle, Jack in the Box and Target have renounced guns on their property. Why? They hear their customers!


But of course, there is another reason property and building owners do not want guns on their property. If they fail to post No Guns Allowed signs and gun violence, injury or death occurs on their property they “face the argument that it was entirely foreseeable” advises top real estate, finance and litigation law firm Mayer Brown LLP.


Mishaps that could expose such property owners to lawsuits include faulty holsters, someone bumping a carrier, a carrier bumping someone else, a carrier falling or a carrier “mistaking a situation for one in which he is legally entitled to use a gun for self-defense or to save others,” says Mayer Brown. Their legal memo, found here, may well be the first property owner guidance on liability from guns on their property. Certainly, the toddler who killed his mother with her own gun in a Washington Walmart in December would pose liability to property owners under this guidance.


Of course militant “carriers” who are afraid to go where normal people go without their lethal weapons usually transmute their cowardice into a public service. We are protecting the public they yell–if a “bad guy” shows up you’ll be glad we are around.


But the legal memo from Mayer Brown begs to differ. Not only are sheriff-wannabes unlikely to “defend” anyone in a gun violence situation they are likely to cause more bloodshed. Nor would a property owner be faulted for disallowing such armed enforcers. “A court could hardly claim that a duty of care was violated because a property owner put up signs to help prevent this additional danger posed by would-be heroes,” says the memo.


The truth is the presence of guns makes an environment less safe not more safe. Exhibit A is all major corporations/companies which ban guns from their headquarter buildings. Corporations don’t want a shoot out between bad guys and good guys in their offices–they want no guns to begin with.  Needless to say, there aren’t too many shootings in their “gun-free zones.”



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How Many Gun Lovers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb? It Wouldn't Need Changing if it Weren't in a Gun-Free Zone!

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Is there any gun violence event that gun lovers won”t blame on not enough guns or a gun-free zone? President Reagan and three others shot by John Hinckley, Jr. in 1981? It was practically a gun-free zone–except for the Secret Service! The Pope shot two years later–where was security? Mass shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, LAX, Fort Hood, Columbine, Virginia Tech? Why didn”t they have armed civilians instead of armed guards?


The gun lobby”s relatively new meme of “gun-free” zone offends on many levels. It disses law enforcement personnel who risk and give their lives when gun violence breaks out. (Earlier this month, Elkhart, IN police saved the life of a store manager even as the gunman was poised to kill him.)


It insults the public”s casinos The reason the Tucson, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Navy Yard, LAX, Purdue and Maryland mall shootings happened is not because sick young men pass their background checks with flying colors often days before their rampages but because there weren”t George Zimmermans present!!


It flatters the gun lovers. These “tough guy” bullies deem themselves the REAL law enforcers not our trusted and trained law enforcement personnel. Shootings happen because the civilian paranoid corps is blocked, say the gun worshippers and we “only” have real law enforcement. It is reminiscent of the old bumper sticker, “If you hate the police, next time you”re in trouble call a hippie.”  Next time we”re in trouble let”s call George Zimmerman.




The “not enough guns” meme is embarrassingly transparent. Gun carriers and lovers are among the least brave, most cowardly people on earth. They are literally afraid to go places where children, old people and 100 lb. women go every day unless they have their lethal weapons! Yet they try to turn their cowardice, paranoia and lack of bravery into some kind of public service in which they are actually protecting you and me!  A good example is Curtis Reeves who allegedly saved the public from someone throwing popcorn in a Florida movie theater this month by shooting him dead. Good thing he had that gun to protect us! (Though clearly more guns are needed at the movies so good guys like Reeves can be shot if they turn into bad guys when shooting bad guys themselves. In fact, let”s hold movies on firing ranges and issue white and black hats just to be on the safe side.)


The “not enough guns” meme is nonsensical and delusional. Of 62 mass shootings in the United States since 1984, not one has been stopped by an armed civilian reports Mother Jones magazine including the Tucson shooting in gun friendly Arizona. Police do not want civilians involved in shootouts nor are cop wannabes even able to get out a shot in many cases as tested by a 20/20 experiment. Of course the gunosphere is full of anecdotes about someone”s brother-in-law”s roommate”s dog groomer who stopped a criminal by flashing his firepower and puffing his chest. Wheee! But they remain anecdotes. Like the fish that got away, the “enforcers” never seem to have a police report to back them up because they didn”t report the incident. Don”t they want to stop criminals?


The last danger with the “not enough guns” meme is verifiability. Most law-abiding “good guy” avengers are self-proclaimed. Chances are Darion Marcus Aguilar thought of himself as a good guy as he allegedly strode into the skate shop Zumiez yesterday and killed two. After all, he passed his background check! Cody Cousins probably also thought of himself as a good guy as he allegedly murdered teaching assistant and Eagle Scout Andrew Boldt at Purdue last week.



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