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Obama’s Army!!!

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

No Middle Ground

by Elliot Fineman
CEO – Founder
National Gun Victims Action Council
January 28, 2016


Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s appearance before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee last week confirms—yet again—what we have stated in prior updates; It is a fairy tale to think that Congress will ever pass any law that will reduce gun violence. The only way to do so is for President Obama to declare a National State of Emergency to halt the Gun Violence Epidemic. (more…)

Stopping Gun Violence Requires Presidential Leadership of a Multipronged Approach

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

by Elliot Fineman, CEO – Founder
National Gun Victims Action Council
December 13, 2015


NRA Puppet of the Week- Joni Ernst, Iowa Senate Candidate

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

In light of the students, family members and even politicians who have died from gun violence since May, do you regret your gun-themed “Give me a shot!” TV ads? With three school-related shootings in two days and White House assailants, are the six rounds you fire in the ad, as you promise to “unload” on the Affordable Care Act, funny or respectful? Or sane? Even as the nation is horrified by the killers obtaining guns, you vow to oppose universal background checks if elected to the Senate. What?
Sleazy showoff trying to bring your “one trick” to Washington, YOU, JONI ERNST, are the NRA Puppet of the Week.
Tell corporate America to get off the gun violence “sidelines” and take a stand against gun violence including sniper weapons sold to civilians. Join our action against Hallmark, the only major corporation that has publicly sworn it will never support anti-gun initiatives. When corporations want sane gun laws, we will have sane gun laws.

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