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Elliot Fineman appears on Thom Hartmann's Show With Guest Host Mike Papantonio

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Here is a very succinct explanation of NGVAC’s philosophy. Politicians have not listened to the 90 percent of the US who do not want to live in an armed camp, for 20 years. But our buying power can and does make a difference–because we have the numbers! Gun fanatics do not.


In 2012, NGVAC launched an action against Starbucks which led to the coffee chain disinviting guns last year. Since then, other great restaurants like Chili’s, Jack in the Box, Sonic and Chipotle are moving in the same direction.

Now NGVAC has launched a boycott of Hallmark cards who refuses to publicly support universal background checks and who has said they will never support “anti-gun” laws because they are “divisive.” This, from a “family” company which loves children and commemorates heartfelt occasions.

Like a growing number of enlightened businesses, we hope that Hallmark will see that supporting sane gun laws is good business. It honors the sentiments of 90 percent of this nation. If corporate America took a stance against gun violence we would have sane gun laws tomorrow.



Boycott Hallmark cards which refuses to publicly support universal background checks. Send instead these free, custom-designed SHATTERED HEART™ cards.