TELL legislators that you want the Gun Violence Epidemic STOPPED NOW, not sometime in the future.
COMPEL them through economic levers to take the actions needed to Stop the Gun Violence Epidemic, and to prevent it from recurring.


iwantto_ Stand with the 100 million Americans who want strong sane gun laws, including the 14 million who have had direct contact with gun violence. Enough is enough.
ipledget0_ Withhold my financial support from corporations and states that do not support strong sane gun laws when identified by NGVAC.
I-will_ Use my buying power to join with the block-buying power of millions of Americans to COMPEL legislators to pass strong sane gun laws once and for all and to do it NOW.


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100 million Americans want strong sane gun laws.

Over 75% of NRA members want strong sane gun laws.

We have- By Far- Overwhelming numbers to FORCE them to be passed. It’s 100 million to 1 million!