Tell and Compel Pledge™

TELL legislators what sane gun laws we want passed.
COMPEL the legislators to pass these laws.

Put senseless gun violence to an end once and for all.

I Want to:

Stand with the 100 million Americans who want sane gun laws, including the 14 million who have had direct contact with gun violence. Enough is enough.

I Pledge to:

Withhold my financial support from corporations, services, groups and states, when identified, that do not support sane gun laws, and TELL them it’s time for a change.

I Will:

Use my buying power to COMPEL legislators to pass sane gun laws once and for all and to do it NOW.

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We’re Done AskingTM

Tell and Compel PledgeTM Background

These are the facts about the gun violence epidemic in the United States1. Each year:

  • More than 11,000 people are killed by guns including 2,200 children
  • Almost 20,000 people use guns to commit suicide
  • More than 600 people die “unintentionally” by guns

If you’re one of the more than 100 million Americans who want sane gun laws, sign the Tell and Compel™ pledge now.

Surveys show that half of Americans want stricter gun laws. Among NRA members, that percentage is even higher: 75% support gun reform2. Requests backed by statistics and heartfelt pleas by victims’ families fall on deaf legislative ears. It’s time for action. By focusing our collective buying power, we will compel legislators to do the right thing.

Join us now. Say no to gun-friendly corporations, services, groups, and states. Spend your money at businesses and states that support our position, and tell those who don’t why they will no longer receive your hard-earned dollars. Let’s speak to legislators in a way they will hear loud and clear. Let’s compel them with a powerful economic lever that cannot be ignored. Together, we will create the paradigm shift necessary to enact true change in this country.

If you believe that together we can make a difference, sign the Tell and Compel pledge now.

Traditional efforts have not been effective. In the 20 years since the Brady Handgun Violent Prevention Act law was passed in 1994, not one law has been passed at the Federal level to reduce gun violence3 — despite the tragedies of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, Tucson, Aurora, The Sikh Temple, and Newtown. In fact, just the opposite, laws have been passed which serve to increase gun violence.

In fact, we’re heading in the wrong direction! While there have been some victories in a few states, the enormous losses far outweigh any positive results. Most states allow guns to be carried almost everywhere, including bars, restaurants, churches, the workplace, and supermarkets.

How safe would you feel if everywhere you went people were carrying guns? This is the NRA’s stated goal.

Join millions of people who want sane gun laws. Sign the Tell and Compel pledge now.

By signing the pledge, you join others who feel empowered because they are part of the solution — the solution to effect change in our country. You join individuals, faith groups and secular groups who support our efforts to assure sane gun laws are passed now.

Talking with your wallet works, and collectively our voice is strong. Other advocacy groups including those for drunk driving, civil rights, gay rights, labor rights, and animal rights, have enacted meaningful change by withholding financial support. It can be done.

Won’t you join us? Sign the Tell and Compel pledge NOW.

1 National Vital Statistics Report, Deaths, Final Data for 2010, Volume 61, Number 4; May 2013, Table 18. Number of deaths, death rates, and age-adjusted death rates for injury deaths, by mechanism and intent of death: United States, 2010—Con.

2 Americans, even NRA members, want gun reform

3 Milestones in Federal Gun Legislation



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100 million Americans want sane gun laws.

Over 75% of NRA members want sane gun laws.

Stand with the other 100 million strong. Help us put an end to gun violence.

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Ft. Hood. Tucson. Aurora. The Sikh Temple. Newtown. The DC Navy Yard. How much more senseless gun violence will it take for federal government to enact laws to stop it?

The Brady Law, passed in 1993, instated a five-day waiting period for the purchase of a handgun, and in 1998, added a mandatory background check of any individual purchasing any firearm from a federally licensed dealer.* And yet, gun violence runs rampant.

What are sane gun laws?

Laws that:

  • Every gun owner needs to be licensed; Every gun must be registered; Every gun has to carry insurance;
  • Require guns to have smart triggers that can only fire if the fingerprint matches the owner's fingerprint;
  • Enact parallel charges for parents, relatives and adults, as accomplices, for crimes committed by children who gain access to their guns;
  • Prevent suspected terrorists and people on the “No-Fly” list from legally purchasing guns;
  • Prevent criminals, the mentally ill and all prohibited purchasers from legally purchasing guns at gun shows or over the internet;
  • Prohibit people from carrying guns in restaurants, bars, schools, sporting arenas, workplace parking lots, airports, churches, national parks, onboard Amtrak trains—to name a few.

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* National Vital Statistics Report, Deaths, Final Data for 2010, Volume 61, Number 4; May 2013, Table 18. “Number of deaths, death rates, and age-adjusted death rates for injury deaths, by mechanism and intent of death: United States”, 2010—Con.

** Americans, even NRA members, want gun reform

*** Milestones in Federal Gun Legislation