Mark Karlin

Mark Karlin served alternatively as President or Chairman of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence for almost a decade, leaving the post in 2000.
For 25 years he was a national leader advocating for gun control, resulting in President Bill Clinton’s public praise: “I want to commend Mark Karlin for his long and often lonely struggle to reduce gun violence.”
In May of 2000, Mark founded BuzzFlash. was the first progressive website to aggressively expose political hypocrisy and manipulation of power among the right wing. It provides headlines, news and commentary to over five million people a month. BuzzFlash has won four Project Censored Awards (Project Censored-The News That Didn’t Make the News.
Mark serves as Editor and publisher of BuzzFlash at Truthout and writes a commentary five days a week for BuzzFlash, as well as articles for Truthout. He also interviews authors and filmmakers whose works are featured in Truthout’s Progressive Picks of the Week.
Mark remains a passionate gun control activist. Over his career he, has served a wide variety of not-for-profits working to improve the common good. He has conducted national, regional and local media campaigns and has won more than 40 awards from professional organizations.
Mark holds a B.A. in English and Writing from Yale University where he graduated with distinction in English, cum laude and received an M.A. in English from the University of Illinois. Mark and his family live in Evanston Illinois.

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