Mark MaGinn

Treasurer, National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC)

Prior to becoming interested in sane gun laws Mark was previously both a social worker and psychotherapist. In both capacities he was first and foremost concerned with the safety of his clients and the safety of their family and friends. From the beginning of his career in these capacities Mark quickly realized that nonviolence was a cornerstone of his therapeutic philosophy.
He came to this from the recognition that many of the children he worked with as a childcare worker at a large state run children’s home were the victims of all manner of interpersonal violence. This was reinforced as he moved into the private practice of psychotherapy where he specialized in working with adults who were abused and tortured as children.
Mark carried this belief with him as he became involved with local politics in Chicago and later in presidential campaigns. While no politician espoused a belief in nonviolence he would only work for those who seemed to come the closest to this position.
The constant drumbeat of gun related killings, and having been confronted early in his career by a pistol packing teenager, Mark quickly came to the conclusion that guns were a terrible blight on our society.
Living in New York and working at ground zero for 16 months after the terrorist attacks in Manhattan only served to underline and support his position of nonviolence.
Over the following decade with the constant killings through gun violence he became involved in online campaigns to somehow stop the flow and blood due to guns. He kept up a steady flow of email contacts with local, state and federal officeholders asking and later demanding the implementation of sane gun laws.
Mark has written columns on gun violence for the American News Report/National Pain Report on Facebook and is a member of NGVAC’s Social Media Outreach Committee. He is committed to use his talents and skills to work towards and demand gun laws that will protect all of us.
Mark and his family currently live in Chicago.

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