NGVAC Featured On Inside Story, CNN– Other Top Outlets This Week

January 7, 2016

This week began with a scathing oped by NGVAC CEO Elliot Fineman in the New York Daily News calling Obama’s imminent executive actions meaningless without the declaration of a National State of Emergency. With many photos and captions (“President Obama could deal with gun violence overnight, but he won’t”; the NRA “will rejoice that Obama’s actions pose no threat to guns in America”) one print version of the Daily News even headlined the story that Obama was “shooting blanks.” Thank you New York Daily News.


The oped was followed by a feature on the viewpoint news site with photos of Obama, Marco Rubio and Fineman asking readers to vote on “Should Obama Take Gun Control into His Own Hands?” and whose plan they liked best. (67% liked Obama’s plan, 19% liked Fineman’s, 15% like Rubio’s.) The PXW feature was followed by a lead article on Washington’s Top News that reviewed NGVAC’s ground breaking self-defense research this summer and how the findings affected Obama’s executive actions this week.


Mr. Fineman then appeared on “Inside Story” a half hour panel/public affairs show hosted by Ray Suarez, formerly of PBS Newshour and NPR, running on Al Jazeera. The show, titled “Gun Rights and Wrongs” touched on important federal policy issues often left out of the gun debate and is well worth watching.


Mr Fineman next appeared on Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show and further discussed how executive actions against gun violence will not be enough to stop gun violence without the declaration of a National State of Emergency.


Finally, on Thursday the Herald News addressed NGVAC’s call for a National State of Emergency and he was interviewed on Michael Cohen’s Capital City Recap show on 1320 WILS in Lansing, Michigan. A live appearance on CNN is scheduled.

Find our petition for Obama to declare a National State of Emergency here.