Guns Are Not a Medical Problem Yell Advocates As Taxpayers Pick Up Gun Violence Costs

Like other extortionists, gun advocates are never satisfied. The Supreme Court affirmed their Second Amendment rights in 2008. They have Concealed Carry laws in all 50 states. They defeated all federal legislation after Sandy Hook and no federal gun laws have been passed for almost 20 years. There is no registry, no limits on military style weapons or magazine capacity, no regulation of gun show and private sales, no mandatory reporting of stolen guns and no requirement of insurance. (We, the taxpayers pick up most of the cost of gun homicides and injuries.) If the NRA has its way, even a mental health or domestic battery conviction won’t stand in the way of a someone’s “right” to own a gun. Hey, this is America.

But even though they storm public meetings and heckle gun survivors, even though they stalked unarmed mothers against gun violence outside a mall in Texas last year, even though they threaten journalists and lawmakers, gun advocates feel persecuted. Their rights are being violated and they are victims!


I can’t take my gun into a library in Illinois? You’re trying to confiscate my guns. Background checks for all gun buyers? You’re trying to confiscate my guns. Mandatory reporting of stolen guns? You’re trying to confiscate my guns. How many gun advocates does it take to change a light bulb? You’re trying to confiscate my guns.

This paranoid, black and white thinking also flatters gun advocates that they are important enough to be marked by the authorities. It is exciting to feel persecuted and a victim of a conspiracy theory. In fact their fear of confiscation is reminiscent of another C-word fear identified by Freud which is characterized by “overwhelming fear of damage to, or loss of” certain anatomical parts.

The gun lobby’s agenda would be funny if it weren’t deadly. Its insatiable demands are their own satire. Mandatory gun ownership? Yes said the town of Nelson, Georgia. No training for anyone who wants to walk around with a loaded lethal weapon? Yes says South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Bring guns into mental health facilities where mentally ill and violent people are housed? Yes said Illinois gun advocates as they lobbied to loosen the new carry law this month in Springfield. Nullify federal gun laws and arrest federal agents? Yes say secession-minded states.

Now gun advocates are gunning for Dr. Vivek Murthy nominated for Surgeon General. Dr. Murthy’s recognition of gun violence as the public health problem it is has put “him squarely in the sights of pro-gun advocates like the Washington Times‘ Emily Miller and a possible 2016 presidential candidate, aka Senator Rand Paul,” says a Huffington Post piece.

The NRA’s Marion Hammer has also meddled in medicine, trying to make it illegal for a doctor to ask if there is a gun in the home. Gun violence is none of a doctor’s business says the NRA yet it is doctors who patch up the thousands of gun shot victims it creates. Is that none of their business too?

Are you DONE ASKING for sane gun laws? Force them! Join the thousands making the TELL AND COMPEL™ pledge.

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