Quinn Expected to Sign Bill Shielding the Identities of Illinois Gun Owners

It is outrageous and paradoxical. The gun owners claim the need to carry a
gun in public is for self defense and that if criminals think the person
they are attacking has a gun they will not attack. So it would stand to
reason that if the criminals knew you had a gun at home they would not break
in and so you would be safer. But safety is not their concern. The real
reason they oppose this is their fear that if the government knows who has
guns, the government can them take them away.

But they do not take into account that if the government wanted your guns
they do not need to know who owns them. The government would pass a law
that all guns had to be turned in in 60 days and anyone not turning them in
would go to jail for 20 years and be fined $1,000,000 dollars. Then they

would make anyone who knew someone that had not turned the gun in an
accomplice and they would go to jail for 10 years and be fined $500,000.
Finally, the government would bribe people to turn in the names of people
who still had guns. But these simple minded gun owners do not think of
these kinds of these logical threads.

The NRA does not want people who own guns to be known as it is a way, like
the tobacco companies did when they knew for years that smoking caused lung
cancer, to hide the information. It would turn out that many of these law
abiding citizens were in fact committing crimes and murders with their guns.

In addition, the pro gunners argue that owning a gun is a constitutional
right (2nd amendment) and they should not have to identify themselves to
exercise a constitutional right. They conveniently forget (or cannot
connect) that voting is a constitutional right and you need to register
(with name and address) to exercise this constitutional right.


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