Gun Violence and NGVAC’s Economic Strategy to Change It


The Problem

There is an epidemic of gun violence in the US. To put it in perspective, England reports 45 gun homicides per year. England’s culture is similar to ours— they hunt, collect guns, value marksmanship; they have gangs, drugs and poverty. Our population is 5 times England’s, 300 million vs. 60 million.
If we had England’s gun laws, which are based on public safety, we could expect 5 times their gun homicides or 225 gun homicides per year.

We have 10,000, over 4,300% more.


Because American gun laws are based on maximizing sales for the gun industry, not public safety.
As a result, our gun laws are not sane.

How are they accomplishing this?

7 of Our Non-Sane Gun Laws and Non-Sane Gun Policies:

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7 of the NRA’s Main Tactics to Achieve Their Goals:

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There is NOT A SINGLE RATIONAL ARGUMENT to support any of the INSANE gun laws that we currently have or to OPPOSE any SANE gun law we would have. For the facts contact us at:

NGVAC’S Solution: An Economic Strategy

To return sanity to our gun policies, NGVAC will create an economic lever strategy. NGVAC is harnessing the consumer buying power of 9 million victims (the loved ones of those who lost their lives to guns), their supporters, 5 million gun assault survivors, their supporters and many of the 100 million Americans whom polls consistently show support sane gun laws. We will prevail because our side outnumbers the NRA’s extremist side by minimally 100 to 1.

Join Us

The economic lever gives us a winning strategy. The NRA understands we are a real threat, one they have never faced before. They will savagely fight us—spread disinformation, invent facts, start rumors, challenge us in every way—no matter the ethics.

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