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NRA Puppet of the Week- Missouri State Senator Rob Schaaf SECOND AWARD

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

In February you were NRA Puppet of the Week for blocking mandatory reporting of stolen guns. Why? It would amount to “telling law enforcement that I own it to begin with” you thundered and hence a registry. (“We are just a few Supreme Court justices away from losing our Second Amendment rights…and then they will come knocking on your door to come take away your gun,” you added at a public forum.)
Your anti-government paranoia has also made Missouri the only state in the union without an opioid drug registry to flag abusers and suppliers. “I’m protecting other people?s liberty,? you explained. Physician-trained lawmaker accepting gun and drug deaths as “the price of liberty”.
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Steal a Gun, Criminals–It Won't Be Reported Says An NRA-Driven Maneuver in the Missouri Legislature

Friday, February 21st, 2014

There are many contradictions in pro-gun bombast. Gun lovers are tough guys strutting around Dodge City-style with their weapons but somehow “victims” whose rights are continually violated. Criminals will target a home if they know it has no guns but also if they know it does have guns. (So gun lovers ask the same government they hate to protect their identities from their neighbors and community!) And finally, gun violence is committed by criminals with illegal guns who won’t follow laws, but stopping them is less important than protecting the identities of the tough-but-actually-cowardly gun owners.


This week, the NRA fought, once again, legislation that would require the reporting of stolen guns. An amendment in a bill under consideration in the Missouri legislature that would require gun owners to report a stolen firearm within 72 hours of learning about the theft was defeated after the NRA pressured lawmakers.

Why would the NRA, obsessed with catching the “bad guys” who commit all the gun crimes, bestow this largesse on thieves and lawbreakers? Because a bill requiring gun owners to tell police when firearms are missing “seeks to create a de-facto gun owner registry,” says the NRA. “Police resources should be focused on finding the real criminals responsible, not further victimizing those who have had not only their belongings stolen, but their sense of security and privacy as well.”

How do police find “real criminals” without knowing a theft has been committed, what has been stolen, who owned the property or a police report? Let’s get those bad guys! How does filing a police report further “victimize” gun owners who walk around with their guns in all states without even carrying insurance? Who are less regulated than automobile owners? Who have so intimidated lawmakers that not one federal law was passed after the Newtown massacre?

The gun lobby and the lawmakers in its pocket are so tortured by persecution fantasies, they have been accused of being “prepped” for an invasion of zombies. At a public meeting last spring, Missouri State Senator Rob Sheaf actually warned, “We are just a few Supreme Court justices away from losing our Second Amendment rights…. And then they will come knocking on your door to come take away your gun.” Confiscation delusions are common in less educated people, but Sen. Schaaf is trained as a medical doctor. You’d think a doctor and educated person would realize every unreported stolen gun is potentially a crime gun filling hospitals and morgues.

Allowing criminals to steal guns with no police report is only one of many pro-criminal laws the NRA has pushed through. It has secured permanent riders on federal appropriation bills, which free dealers from conducting inventory, which provides more crime guns. (Almost 2,000 crime guns have been traced to just one such dealer in Chicago, Chuck’s.) The NRA has driven laws to prevent federal agencies from pooling and computerizing gun crime information and tracing crime guns. There is even a law that says background check information must be destroyed within 24 hours–allegedly to keep gun buyers anonymous but actually helping straw buyers who feed the criminal gun market and can go from dealer to dealer with no paper trail.

Why does the NRA drive laws, including the recent Missouri maneuver, that help criminals? Because when the bad guys have guns, “good guys” buy more guns! It is fear marketing. Statistics also suggests that sales of illegal guns to crooked dealers provide 25 percent of gun manufacturers’ revenues.

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